Autosport International 2015 Racing Car Show

Autosport International 2015 Racing Car Show

The Autosport International motor show came back to the NEC in Birmingham for 2015. Once again the show was packed out with everything automotive for a massive 4 day motoring event.

With hundreds of the the finest cars on display, it is a must go to event for anyone who loves a good peek at the latest machinery.

Video Highlights

If you didn’t get the opportunity to go yourself, take a look at some of the highlights from the show here; there is a walk through video below and 2 galleries with lots of pictures from the event.

AutoSport Full GalleryPerformance Car ShowFull Gallery

Feature Cars

Here are a couple of notable feature cars from the event.

The road version of Sin Cars’ mighty R1 is a really good looking car and an absolute beast when fired up. The R1 has a 6.2-litre V8 engine, putting out around 450bhp. Rosen Daskalov, the founder of Sin Cars was available on the stand to have a chat with and even assist you with purchasing a car if you were interested.

Autosport International Car Show 70

Next up and needing no introduction was the Ferrari LaFerrari. The LaFerrari uses a 789bhp, 6.3-litre, V12 engine that can rev up to 9,350 rpms. But one of the great points around this car is that it also uses electric power. it is coupled with a 120-kilowatt electric motor which bumps the maximum power up to 949bhp.

Autosport International Car Show 32

Bentley were showing off one of their latest motorsport Continental GT3 cars. The Continental looks unbelievably good up close and has also proven to be pretty good on the circuit too.

Autosport International Car Show 18

Ginetta Challenge

On the way from the show to the live arena, punters had the chance to take a guest ride in a Ginetta. A professional driver would push the sports car to it’s limits drifting it around the circuit. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to have ago, maybe next time.

Autosport International Car Show 10

Performance Car Show Live 2015

Motor Verso also went into the first live show of the day. We were nicely placed at the front in the press area with our cameras out ready to capture the action as best we could. The first car drifted past, and to our surprise showered us with rubber fresh off it’s tyres. 

Take a look at the video below to see the highlights from the live show.

One of my favourite highlights of the Show was JapSpeed’s Drift Team showing off their perfect drifting skills.

Performance Car Show 2015 12  Performance Car Show 2015 9

Next up, AutoCar’s cars of the year were paraded around the arena. This included the Ferrari 458 Speciale, McLaren 650s , and the Jaguar F-Type V8R.

Performance Car Show 2015 15Performance Car Show 2015 16Performance Car Show 2015 20

Straight after that, we were onto the madness. Cars from many different forms of racing were put on show. Races took place around the arena, which on the shiny floor meant that there was an awful lot of sideways action going on. Every race was captivating.

Performance Car Show 2015 26Performance Car Show 2015 1Performance Car Show 2015 35Performance Car Show 2015 34

The biggest surprise of the event was when a massive drifting monster truck burst through the main stage smashing it to peices.

Performance Car Show 2015 27

Top 10 Must See from the Show

Here are top 10 cars I thought everyone would like to see from the show.

Autosport International Car Show 80 Autosport International Car Show 52 Autosport International Car Show 51 Autosport International Car Show 38 Autosport International Car Show 37 Autosport International Car Show 47Autosport International Car Show 27 Autosport International Car Show 24 Autosport International Car Show 21 Autosport International Car Show 17

Autosport International 2015 Summary

Overall, a great day! Autosport International is Europe’s largest motor show. You could easily spend days walking around the event seeing some very interesting cars and learning from all the different people that you talk to.  Take a look at galleries below to see more from the show.

AutoSport Full GalleryPerformance Car ShowFull Gallery

Author: Paul Hadley