Skoda Superb Sportline Review

Skoda Superb Sportline Review

We got the opportunity to test the Skoda Superb Sportline. We put the model through its paces to find out everything you need to know about the car.

What is the Skoda Superb Sportline Nav all about?

The Skoda Superb has been winning awards for a few years now and it certainly is an incredible car. In this test, we are specifically focusing on the Skoda Superb Sportline, which is the high-powered, 4-wheel drive version.

The Sportline trim adds 19″ Vega alloy wheels, Amundsen satellite navigation with an 8″ touchscreen display and Alcantara sports seats in black with silver diamond stitching. However, the most important inclusion is the 2.0-litre petrol engine and 4wheel drive system, giving it outstanding performance.

The Skoda Superb Sportline is very subtle in its styling. The 19″ alloy wheels give the car presence and the black grille, mirrors and window surrounds all add to the sporty feel. But it is still very business-like and most people won’t be able to tell the performance level of this car without already being in the know.

As good as it looks, don’t forget it is very practical with four doors, massive passenger seating areas and plenty of boot space. This vehicle will tick a lot of boxes for potential customers in its new Superb Sportline trim.

The Skoda Superb Sportline uses a 2.0-litre TSI engine that creates 280ps and 350Nm of torque, matched to a six-speed automatic gearbox. This means the car can accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds, with a top speed limited to 155mph. It can also achieve a combined fuel efficiency figure of 39.8mpg whilst creating only 160g/km of CO2.

How does it drive?

The interior of the car is very spacious with plenty of leg and headroom. The electric seats provide a firm driving position with all-around visibility.

The Skoda Superb Sportline is a model of many personalities and applications depending on what you want out of it. It features a selection of different drive modes – Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport and Individual.

Skoda Superb Sportline

For daily commuting, Normal mode works really well, with great ride comfort. The car glides along the roads and is impressive at long distances. On the motorway, the car sits perfectly at 70mph, being very quiet and comfortable.

If you find yourself on the open road and want to enjoy a spirited drive, then the Superb is very capable. Just switch it into Sport mode, then the throttle response improves, the steering gets a little heavier and the car comes to life.

The 2.0-litre engine emits 280ps, which sounds like a lot of power, but the way it translates to acceleration is something else. It screams through the gears and propels the car forward. Whether you are setting off from traffic lights or overtaking on a B road, the engine has plenty of thrust and makes for an impressive drive.

If you like the performance, you will be interested in the sound of the car also. In Sport mode, the exhaust note becomes deeper and will catch the attention of passersby.

When it comes to cornering, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyres alongside the 4wheel drive system, large alloy wheels and suspension will maintain grip well in all weather conditions.

A spirited drive in the Skoda Superb Sportline makes you feel like you are in a smaller, lighter hot hatch. Somehow, they have shoe-horned those characteristics into this much larger and more practical car. The fuel consumption remains economical even during harder driving, which will leave you scratching your head.

If you are on a long journey, then the Eco drive mode is the one to use. It optimises the throttle response and gearbox to ensure you get the best MPG for your trip. It also conserves fuel without affecting the car’s power delivery too much.

What is it like inside?

The interior of the Skoda Superb Sportline is impressively spacious with plenty of head and legroom in front and back. The Police often use this model, as they can fit four officers inside wearing full body armour.

The interior features include: the heated three-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel, alloy pedals, and supportive black Alcantara and leather seats with silver diamond stitching.

The technology is bang up to date, with DAB radio, an easy to use Satnav, Bluetooth phone integration and a wide 8″ screen to operate it all on.

As a hatch, you would think the boot space would be insubstantial. Fear not! The boot is enormous, even without lowering the seats. The capacity is 625 litres with the seats up and 1,760 litres with the seats down. It is safe to say that you could probably move house in this car.

The Experience

The Skoda Superb Sportline delivers big time. It is fast in the dry, fast in the wet, very practical and looks great. The car is a great all-rounder and is suited to many different driving environments.

Skoda Superb Sportline

The Skoda Superb is a no compromise, shape-shifting vehicle that adjusts to your needs.


If you like big, well-equipped sporty models, then the Superb Sportline ticks all the boxes and more. The only drawback is the sheer size of the car, which may swamp some people.

From a performance aspect, the Sportline is a real contender. It does 20-30% better than you think it should on paper and in the UK the 4wheel drive system really improves its performance in the wet.

The Skoda Superb Sportline will continue to be underrated and unnoticed for a while yet, so I would recommend that those in the know capitalise on its exclusivity and buy one now.


Skoda Superb Sportline Specs

  • Price: £ 38,335
  • Engine: 2.0-Litre turbocharged
  • Power: 280ps
  • Torque: 350Nm
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Auto
  • 0-62mph: 5.8 Seconds
  • Top speed: 155mph
  • Weight: 1,550kg
  • Economy combined: 39.8 mpg
  • CO2: 160 g/km

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