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Renault Reveal R.S. 01 and stun everyone!

Renault Reveal R.S. 01

Renault have been teasing us with snippets of it’s new mid engined racer for a little while now but nothing prepared us for what they have delivered. Built specifically for a one-make racing series called the ‘Renaultsport Trophy’ the new R.S. 01 is an incredible example of what Renault can do when they put their mind to it.

Renault Reveal R.S. 01 Renault RS 01 (3) Renault RS 01 (1)

GT-R Heart

The engine from a Nismo tuned Nissan GT-R will provide 500+bhp though it will not quite match the 542bhp produced by the big GT-R. the body will be bolted to a Carbon Fibre monocoque chassis produced by Dallara – a company you will be seeing more of very soon. The big V6 will be strapped into a stunning package weighing less than 1,100kg which will be sure to provide some eye-watering statistics when they are finally released.

Renault RS 01 (8) Renault RS 01 (6) Renault RS 01 (4)

In it for the long-haul

Although it is built for a one-make series, the car will be built to such high spec it could easily start popping up in other events in the future. Notably, it meets all the LMP1 requirements to potentially compete in Le Mans 24 hour. However, it will more than likely be smaller, more specialist events that it appears in first. Either way, this is one stunning looking car and at just shy of £300k –  there are going to be some very happy private racers out there itching to get their hands on one of the beauties!

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