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Sheene Machine: Barry Sheene’s Toyota Supra For Auction

I have a confession. I do not know a great deal about Barry Sheene, although I do know that he is not the face of cleaning products. This may come as a shock to you (the first bit, not the cleaning bit), but I do however, know that Barry Sheene is a motorsport legend. His cars are also legends, and one of them is now available to buy at auction.

Super Supra

The car in question is an ex-works Toyota Supra Group A racing car, which was raced by Sheene in the 1985 Trimoco RAC British Saloon Car Championship. It’s up for sale by Silverstone Auctions on the 27th July with an estimate of £60,000-£80,000. It’s fitted with an engine that’s able to muster up 204bhp, which might not sound like much, but don’t forget it was raced over 30 years ago. Throughout its history, the car has received a restoration, with areas such as the suspension, braking system, clutch and fuel system receiving a major overhaul. It also has a a close-ratio 5-speed gearbox, which is still in its original casing.

The Supra may have had its main limelight in the 80s, but it wowed crowds once more as it was race up the famous Goodwood course in a Barry Sheene tribute at the Festival of Speed last year. That of course, isn’t the only action this retro racer has seen – Sheene was able to race this car consistently in ’85 to a top six finish, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. Sheene and the Supra had a rather nasty crash at Thruxton, which left the former with a broken ankle and the latter had to be re-shelled due to the damage.

Thankfully, the car is looking is looking back to its best as it prepares itself for a new home when it goes to auction next month. The purchase of the car will include a good range of used and new spares, such as differentials, suspension springs, manual steering lock, brake discs, clutch plates, skyhooks* – the list goes on. You’ll also get some pretty decent bragging rights down the pub, although it will cost you a pretty penny. Mind you, being able to own a piece of Sheene’s legacy will all be worth it I’m sure…

*I may have made that one up.


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