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Silverstone Auctions Offers Historic Ferrari

Ferrari. A brand with impeccable heritage and pedigree, one with a rich history and racing prowess. That’s why any car with the trademark prancing horse on the front is without a doubt going to be a desirable proposition. However, Silverstone Auctions is now offering one which has been created a bit more equal than the others.

What is it?

Up for auction at the Race Retro Classic Car Sale is a 2000 550 Maranello WSR with two former owners and just 33,800 miles on the clock. What does the WSR stand for, I hear you ask? Well it stands for World Speed Record, paying homage to the modified 550 Maranello that broke not one, but three world records in Columbus, Ohio back in 1998. The records included covering 100 miles at an average speed of 190.2mph, driving for one hour at an average speed of 184mph and also covering 100 kilometres at 188.9mph.

Record Breaking Inspiration

To celebrate this achievement, Ferrari decided to make 33 road cars which match the exact specification of the historic record breaker. So it’s clear to see that this 550 Maranello WSR is rare, but it’s also one of just 10 produced in right hand drive, making it even rarer. This unique car, finished with Grigio paintwork, comes with features such as Scuderia wing shields, sports exhaust, Fiorano handling pack, leather trimmed roll cage, carbon bucket seats and of course, a commemorative ‘WSR’ plaque. It will also come with a full MOT and service carried out by Ferrari specialist Terry Key at Silverstone, prior to the auction.

“We are delighted to offer this exceptionally rare, right-hand drive ‘WSR’ at public auction for the first time in its life,” comments Will Smith, sales manager, Silverstone Auctions. “A beautiful 550 Maranello such as this opens the door into a very exclusive club, and a rare special edition like this represents an exciting opportunity for any collector. We expect it to make £180,000 to £220,000 at auction.”

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