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Tesla Open a New Factory to Meet High Demand for Model S

The demand for new Tesla cars is continually increasing. So to meet this demand Tesla have opened a new factory in Europe to supply customers with the Model S. The factory is located in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Tesla Open a New Factory in Tilburg, Netherlands

The new factory will assemble parts that have been created in Freemont, California. The factory will carry out installation of the battery packs, rear axles, powertrain and also loading firmware into the cars. As well as this, we hear that each of the cars go through a very harsh quality control testing process.

Tesla Open a New Factory

Tesla Testing Process

Part of the testing process uses a 750m indoor testing circuit that simulates real-world road testing. The idea of this is to put the Model S through its paces to ensure the highest quality products to the customer.

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Super Efficient Factory

As you can imagine the Tilburg factory has been designed from the ground up to be optimally efficient when it comes to power usage. We hear that the new factory will be able to assemble about 450 cars a week. Actually doubling the current level output. This may mean we see more Tesla’s on the road soon.

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It is clear the Tesla empire is still growing. The company now has 96 stores and service centres in 12 countries across Europe alone.  To add to that there is also 1000 superchargers enabling long-distance travel across Europe.

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