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Before the test drive – Volvo V60 Polestar

Very soon I’ll be handed the keys to one of the most extreme production cars Volvo has ever made, the bright blue V60 Polestar. Not only that, I’ll be taking it on an epic road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay in search of sun, surf and maybe some scantily clad Sheilas.


Lets begin by explaining Polestar, they are the official Volvo racing team who, as of late. have become to Volvo what RS and M are to Audi and BMW. What was once a Swedish tuning company who simply made race cars, now take the perfectly sensible Volvos your dad would drive and turn them into tarmac attacking road cars.

Performance figures are impressive, a claimed 0-62 time of 4.9 secs, a limited 155mph top speed, and 350bhp make the Volvo sound like a formidable force on the road. From what I’ve read the chassis and engine have undergone a major overhaul. Specifications include; Ohlins shock absorbers, 80% stiffer springs, 20 inch wheels, 351mm front brakes with Brembo calipers, new twin scroll turbo and intercooler, larger exhaust and a Haldex all wheel drive system, these are just some of the alterations made to the underside of the V60. Visually the car has been treated to a makeover too, besides those wheels the V60 sports a new front splitter, rear spoiler and diffuser.


Naturally I’m curious to see how Polestar will have managed to make all those things work in their bid to make the V60 into a performance car. Will the ride comfort have been compromised for example? As Aussie roads aren’t the smoothest in the world. Also will the 6 speed auto box be up to the task when the road gets twisty? There’s no manual option on the Polestar.

On the flip side of this though I’m also keen to see how the Polestar copes with just being a Volvo, it is based on an estate after all. I’ll be sure to see how many surf boards, mountain bikes and whatever else people with an active lifestyle can fit in the boot and seeing how well the car drives when your not going hell for leather

Overall though I think the car hides its capabilities, it certainly doesn’t shout about them like an AMG Merc does, which in this instance is good. Volvos don’t tend to be bought by people who want to grab all the attention, they are bought by thinkers, strong silent types who when the time is right can put someone in their place. The V60 Polestar looks to me like the motoring equivalent of Clark Kent, quiet in nature but ready to wear its pants on the outside just in case it has to save the day. Check back soon to see if my prediction is correct.

Supplied by: Volvo

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