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The Ferrari 458 Speciale: Power

Ferrari are destined to release their new creation, the 458 Speciale, at the Frankfurt Motor show on the tenth of September this year and it’s got me very excited.

If you were to associate one word with the new Ferrari, it would surely be ‘power’, right? On Ferrari’s website it reads ‘The Ferrari’s most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever’. This, in short, means it’s going to be bloody quick.

In terms of the engine, the Speciale has had a kick up the backside, increasing the horse power from 562bhp to 597bhp, that’s an extra 35 horses pulling away. This now means that the output of 133bhp per litre is the highest there has ever been (from a road-legal, naturally-aspirated engine), Ferrari haven’t let us forget it either (plastering the claim all over their website) and who can blame them? If had achieved such a thing I would brag, too. They have chopped 0.4 seconds off the 0-60 mph time/ Completing it in just 3 seconds flat now.

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So, by looking at the engine, we can tell that this car is a lot more aggressive than it’s predecessor is. However, the engine is not all that has got a mean streak. Aesthetically speaking, I think this machine is an absolute gem, a work of art. Looking at the exterior of the car gives me goose bumps, the aggressive air intakes that span the bottom-front of the car look ready to eat up the tarmac ahead of it, gracefully though. The head lights look like they are eyeing you up, going in for the kill. This is the kind of car that would be granted rare access to the privileged 10 year old boy’s poster wall, next to a Lamborghini Adventador J and a Ferrari 250 GTO.

What really grabs me though, is the hand-painted racing stripe that streaks elegantly yet threateningly down the middle of the car, not all cars deserve a racing stripe, but this one certainly does. And she wears it with pride. The only thing that puts me off, in terms of looks, is the back end. There is not enough there. The headlights at the front are likely to make the eco-friendly Toyota in front of it soil its self, but the same cannot be said for the back. The lights at the back remind me of a boy who’s eyes are to small and are to far away from each other. It really spoils it for me.

However, the inside of the car is really my style. There is this absurd stalk protruding just before the centre console with a range of buttons that are likely to play havoc with your spine and other vital organs, but it’s magnificent. Drivers seats of cars these days are starting to look more and more like fighter jet cockpits – and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone mistook the power for that of a fighter jet’s, too. The black fabricated dashboard with red stitching is striking, it screams danger – and this is good. The mats have been removed, leaving, yes, you guessed it, nothing – just shiny metal. The designers of this car, Peninfarina have pulled it out of the bag. This car screams ‘ Push me to the limits. I dare you!’ and I for one cannot wait for the release at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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The car has shed weight too, weighing in at 1,290 kg. Shedding a bulimic 90 kg from the 458. This power increase and weight loss appears to have paid off, Ferrari state that the 458 Speciale completed a lap of Fiorano just 0.5 seconds slower than the powerhouse F12 Berlinetta – just 1:23.5.

Last but not least is the price, it is thought that the new 458 Speciale will set you back around £200,000. If I had £200,000, the first thing I would buy would be this monster, not only for its outrageous power, but for its stunning looks and overall aggressive bad-boy image.

So to conclude, this Ferrari promises to cause an upset in the motoring world, and I for one would not miss it for the world – so keep your eyes peeled because on the 10th of September this year, a monster shall be unveiled.

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