New Morgan Plus Four

The New Morgan Plus Four Continues An Over 70 Year Legacy

While most new cars are more complex than ever, the new Morgan Plus Four bucks that trend. Combining modern technology with a timeless design, the Malvern manufacturer has added to the legacy of its longest-running model.

Morgan Plus Four

Keeping the Faith

The aim of the new Plus Four was to simplify the design and allow the iconic look to be the centre of attention. New front and rear lights were designed in-house and are exclusive to Morgan. The 8-inch diameter headlights have grown to match the proportions better after the last generation Plus Four grew due to the new CX platform. Finally, the new front splitter and rear diffuser are painted in matte dark grey to hark back to Morgans of the past.

An Eye for Detail

The rear lights are also new, as are the rear-view mirror and wing mirrors. Morgan claims they are higher quality than before and like the lights are also designed in-house and made especially for them. Another detail designed to keep the look classy is the floating number plate plinth at the front and rear. Subtle changes to the front and rear wings may go unnoticed by many, but they’re designed to affect the reflection of light and create a more sculpted look.

Morgan Plus Four Rear

Passion Not Performance

The new Morgan Plus Four prioritises the driving experience over performance figures. Performance from the BMW 2.0 litre engine is enough to engage the driver, but the Plus Four won’t be setting any records. Because of this, Morgan hasn’t ditched the manual – a rarity even in sportscars today. The suspension has been refreshed, with new spring rates and re-valved dampers. The optional Dynamic Handling Pack also adds single-way adjustable dampers and adjustable spring platform to enhance the driving feel of the new Plus Four.

Morgan Plus Four Interior

Blending New and Old

The Plus Four still keeps a relatively classy look inside, although the upgraded LCD screen does somewhat diminish its overall appearance. Seemingly out of place in such a classic cockpit, it works with the enhanced Sennheiser sound system. This uses ‘invisible’ speakers in the cockpit, under the seats, to improve the sound within the cabin. The volume control knob can now pause and change tracks, removing buttons from the dashboard. The volume and track can be seen on the LCD screen, which features improved graphics.

’21st Century Coachbuilding’

Combining modern technology and traditional craftsmanship is known as ’21st Century Coachbuilding’ within the Malvern brand. Meant to be reflective of the quality of sportscars today, the Plus Four now has a three-year warranty which can be extended to four optionally. The materials used and craftsmanship are what Morgan prides itself on. The ash wood frame is made using techniques passed down through generations and is paired with a modern aluminium platform. The Scottish leather used inside is a by-product and is used sparingly to minimise waste.

Bespoke as Standard

Every Plus Four is individual. With a plethora of colours and options to pick from, the combinations are almost endless. Buyers can also request additional features or other materials, making their car truly different. The cost of a throwback to the past and almost endless customisation isn’t cheap though. Starting at £62,500 plus taxes, the new Morgan Plus Four can be ordered now with production beginning in May. Morgan is working to homologate it for the USA, which would make it the first four-wheeled Morgan in America since 2006.

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