2013 GTA Spano Teaser 1

Updated Spania GTA ‘Spano’ on the way…

Spanish style…

In the world of super-car news, with all of the ‘big boys’ hogging the limelight, it is sometimes easy to over look some truly stunning cars and the Spania GTA ‘Spano’ is certainly one. There are a host of smaller manufacturers out there producing some cool looking cars but few look as accomplished as the Spano with it’s classy styling and curves that would make any man hot under the collar.


Spania GTA have now released details of an update to the Spano to whet the appetite, mainly by pushing it from it’s current 780hp from it’s 8.3litre V10, to 900hp! That is an astonishing amount of power in an amazing looking car and with a price tag around the half-million mark, it could have a few manufacturers keeping a close eye on the small Spanish outfit.


Complete with Carbon fibre body, Carbon brakes, titanium and kevlar monocoque and all the luxury touches you would expect from a car that costs more than most people’s houses, the Spano certainly talks-the-talk. The proof will be in the pudding when more details immerge and we start seeing what this thing can do, but for now, it certainly has our attention. Keep up to date with Spania GTA’s latest offering by checking out their rather fancy website, link below…


Check the website… Spania GTA

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