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The New Volvo XC90 Released at Detroit Motor Show 2015

The Volvo XC90 has been released at the Detroit Motor Show 2015. The starting price is expected to be £45,785. The vehicle is expected to outrun popular rivals like Land Rover Discovery, BMW X5, Audi Q7, and Mercedes Benz M class. The car is a combination of luxury and ground breaking technology.

New Beginning for Volvo

The arrival of the XC90 is significant because it marks the start of plans to overhaul other Volvo cars. The firm has spent over 5 billion pounds on creating a high tech structure which is due to underpin future vehicles. XC90 is the future for Volvo design, styling and quality. Volvo CEO, Hakan Samuelson, has said that they are not just launching a new car but they are re-launching the Volvo brand itself.

It is going to be the safest and the most stylish SUV in the market. This was the statement given by the CEO at the Detroit Motor Show 2015.

Volvo XC90 = luxurious

The Product Strategy Vice President, Lex Kerssemakers, confirmed that the plan for the XC90 is going to be luxurious, however, he did not give anything away in terms of how the car will look. He admitted that the success of the standard model has given the firm confidence to explore some higher end models.

6,000 Pre-orders so far

It has been 12 years since the old XC90 was introduced, and despite the new model not yet being seen in showrooms or available for test drives, there have already been 6,000 pre-orders placed. Customers are just writing cheques to get the car they have heard and read about.

All New R-Design Trim

Volvo has confirmed that the new XC90 will have a brand new R-design trim. It is one of the sportiest trim designs to date. It does not just add cosmetic features, but can also offer driving focused options too.

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  • justin Says

    I LOVE the paint job on that show model in the pictures! it looks damn good on an XC90

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