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VUHL 05 ROC Edition Off To Shine In 2017

A Mexican/American Lightweight Two-Seat Sport car

Every year since 1988 the┬áRace of Champions puts together the best rally and racing┬ádrivers from all over the world. The main purpose is to find out┬áwho’s the ‘World’s Greatest Driver’ on a head-to-head competition where the champions drive the same car on the same track. The latest edition occurred in Miami, in 2017, at the Marlins Park and it was an amazing showcase for the VUHL. The name VUHL, which stands for Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight, is a Mexican/American trackday sport car.

The VUHL is Fast and Easy to Drive

Top pro-drivers┬ásuch as Sebastian Vettel, Juan Pablo Montoya and Travis Pastrana had the chance to push VUHL 05 ROC Edition to the limit. As a result, the racers felt the sport car’s┬ágreat grip and efficient brakes, giving┬áthe drivers great confidence in accelerating┬áon the track. Notably, this lightweight model is perfectly fit for short and curvy circuits. For that reason, the Mexican sport car is a 6-speed manual, with a 2.0 litre engine that produces 288 hp, and 420 Nm of torque. How quickly does the VUHL sprint from 0-60? It takes 3.2 seconds, reaching maximum speed at 152 mph. And the car only weights 1,488 pounds, thanks to all the carbon fibre body parts.

Conquering the World in 2017

The most interesting part of this car is that it’s road-legal; no wonder all the models┬áthat appeared at ROC Miami sold out. Henceforth, the VUHL 05 ROC Edition production has increased to attend the global demand. With this intention, the 05 model has the mission to expand into the European and American market. By the way, the Mexican/American company made sure to fine tune the handling in the UK. And to sum it all up, 40% percent of the 05, carbon body and chassis, comes from the UK, and the final assembly is in Mexico City, by Adman Leku.

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