XJR-15s Racing At Monaco

For many car nuts, being a part of a one-make racing series is something like half-achieving the dream.  Because one’s racing skills must be top-notch in order to even have a shot in at realizing the goal of earning a ride in a big-budget professional racing series, the ability to race Caterham R500s for about the same as a new Porsche 911, while not as inexpensive as, say, karting, is a first-rate way to affordably fix the bug.

That is, unless, your idea of participating in a one-make series includes racing £500,000 Jaguar XJR-15s the day before a Formula 1 race.  And if you were a multimillionaire in 1991, you might have made the decision to do battle against 15 other competitors with 450 bhp weapons from Coventry

Professional racing drivers such as Tiff Needell and Davy Jones competed against a field full of privateers in a one-make support series for the Monaco, Belgian and British GPs, christened the JaguarSport Intercontinental Challenge.  It didn’t last long, one season in fact, but how entertaining it was, as watching a field full of what Tiff Needell called the ‘worst-handling car’ he’d ever raced have at it was rather amusing.

In this video, you’ll see Derek Warwick take top honours at the race in Monaco, a race which had about as many spins as there are fish eggs in caviar.  It’s quite the enjoyable video, and what’s more, there’s also Murray Walker behind the microphone calling the race.


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