The Volvo V90 Cross Country Is Coming

The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country is set to be Revealed Next Week

Volvo for a long time had just been a square box to carry your airbags in, they were boring shapeless objects no more interesting than a rock. However, in recent years Volvo have been putting some effort in and are creating some truly interesting and – dare I say it – good looking cars. The New S90 has continued that trend and has brought itself into the market against the German giants of Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Volvo’s continued growth has led to the return of a design from their past, the Cross Country platform.

Designed From the Start to be a Performer not a Pretender

The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country continues a line that spans all the way back to 1997 and Volvo is determined to make sure that the V90 CC carries forward the rugged dependability of the early cars. For the initial design for the first Cross Country car, the V70 XC Volvo were determined for it not to be merely a cosmetic upgrade to the standard V70, Dr. Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Volvo says “We were very careful from the very beginning to ensure that the Cross Country concept was not just an exercise in rugged styling. We placed high demands on real world capability”.

The V70 XC and XC70 Were a Global Success

This attention to detail led to the V70 XC and the following XC70 being a global success with more than half of the cars produced going to America, this was helped by the introduction of a similar all-wheel-drive system to the XC90 which was released at the same time. The success continued when Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovich appeared in an advert for the car and then took delivery of his own XC70.

A Determined Volvo With a Bright Future Ahead of Them

The V90 Cross Country is looking to continue the success of the brand by delivering: “The comfort and convenience elements that Volvo drivers have come to expect”. The V90 Cross Country is designed to combine comfortable and luxurious motorway driving with the capability to perform when the road get rough, or disappears all together. Volvo boasts that, “The Cross Country has cemented its position as a premium mainstay and a true all-weather alternative to the SUV.”

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