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4 Low-Mileage Classic Ferraris Go Under The Hammer

Few brands are as prestigious as Ferrari, so it’s always exciting when we come across not just one, but four whole Fezzas at once. If you have pockets deeper than ours, maybe you too can enjoy that sense of thrill and pride, as these Ferraris will soon go to auction. All of which courtesy of Car & Classic with no reserves in place, and most excitingly, they’re all relatively low-mileage and collectible examples.

They all had the same owner, fetched and shipped over from Belgium. The rarest of the lot is a 1981 208 GTB, and no, that’s not a typo. The 208 is a downsized variant of the famed 308, made only to avoid Italy’s heavy taxes for cars over 2.0-litres. Only 140 were ever made, and this particular 208 still has the original paint. From new, it only has 30,000km on the clock, which is piffling given its age.

A Ferrari V8, Times Four

Besides that, another rarity would be a 1976 Dino 208 GT4. Yep, you guessed it, it’s also a downsized variant of the Dino 308. Being an Italy-only model, the Dino 208 GT4 – named after Enzo’s son – is an uncommon Ferrari to come across. A mere 840 were built, with this one clocking in a smidge over 25,000km. Unlike the 208 GTB, this Dino did have a fresh coat of paint, so it’s a tad shinier.

Rounding off the quartet of Ferrari V8s, the final two are a 1990 348 TB and TS, respectively. That’s TB for Berlinetta, or coupe, and TS for Spyder, or a Targa-top variant. These two have a special place in Ferrari’s history. They were among the last V8 cars built under Enzo Ferrari’s stewardship, before his passing in 1988. If you’d like one of these cars, then you better hurry, as the auction’s already begun.

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