Nissan Juke New UK 2024

A Bright Splash of Yellow Revs Up the Nissan Juke’s New Look

Iconic Colour Makes a Comeback

In a move that’s bound to excite car enthusiasts across the UK, Nissan has rolled out an update for its beloved Juke urban crossover, complete with a striking new yellow exterior colour. This isn’t just any yellow; it’s a modern twist on a classic, making the Juke stand out even more on the road.

Alongside this eye-catching hue, Nissan introduces the N-Sport grade, adding an extra layer of style and dynamism to the Juke’s already impressive lineup.

Interior and Tech Upgrades Galore

Nissan Juke New UK 2024

Inside, the Juke is nothing short of a tech haven. The central infotainment screen has grown to a whopping 12.3 inches, angled perfectly towards the driver for ease of use. This screen isn’t just larger; it’s smarter, with improved voice recognition and natural language understanding.

Whether it’s navigating through the city or jamming to your favourite tunes, the Juke has got you covered with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, now available for the ultimate connectivity. But that’s not all.

The interior design has seen a significant overhaul with a redesigned centre console and instrument panel, boosting the cabin’s ambience with new materials and trims. The N-Sport trim takes this up a notch with yellow accents that mirror the exterior’s boldness, alongside seats that mix comfort with style thanks to their distinctive yellow recycled Alcantara inserts.

Driving Made More Enjoyable

On the road, the Juke promises to be as enjoyable as ever. With additional driver assistance technologies like Intelligent Driver Alertness and Lane Keep Assist, safety is paramount. The clarity of the rear-view camera has been significantly enhanced, making parking a breeze, even in tight spots.

For those who prioritise eco-friendly options, the Juke doesn’t disappoint. The hybrid powertrain option now offers a more powerful yet efficient ride, reducing fuel consumption by up to 37% in urban areas. And let’s not forget the non-electrified engine option, which continues to deliver the fun driving experience Juke owners have come to love.

Nissan Juke New UK 2024

Proudly Built in the UK

The updated Juke is rolling off the production line at Nissan’s Sunderland Plant, marking another chapter in the model’s successful history in the UK. This plant has been the birthplace of over 1.3 million Juke units since its launch, with the model becoming a significant part of Nissan’s manufacturing legacy in the region.

With these updates, Nissan aims to keep the Juke at the forefront of the urban crossover segment, blending its iconic style with cutting-edge technology and enhanced comfort.

The introduction of the new yellow exterior colour, alongside the N-Sport grade and interior upgrades, ensures the Juke remains a top choice for UK drivers looking for a vehicle that combines style, functionality, and enjoyment.

Whether you’re a long-time Juke fan or in the market for a crossover that stands out from the crowd, Nissan’s latest updates are sure to impress. With its bold design, improved interior, and advanced technology features, the Juke is ready to make a statement on the streets.

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