ArmorAll Sheild Wash 4

Armor All Shield Car Wash Test

We got hold of the Armor All Shield Car Wash to try it out on some of our test cars.

Armor All Shield Car Wash – Shine and Protection

The Armor All Shield is specifically formulated to protect paintwork and make it shine, using a special formula to lift away road-dirt and grime. This small bottle from Armor All is said to be good for 16 washes.

Armor All Shield Car Wash

First Use

Using the Armor Shield for the very first time, I liked the look of the packaging and the mixture’s bright orange colour. The liquid itself has a very pleasant smell and gel-like texture, which was a little thicker than I was expecting. Once I’d mixed it with water in a bucket it soon bubbled up, and I used a lambswool mitt to apply the car wash to the car. All of the dirt appeared to come off the car pretty easily.

Hosing Down

Once I had cleaned around the car, I hosed all the suds off. I assume there’s a significant amount of rinse agent in the suds, because the car wash seemed to just roll off afterwards, which was a nice bonus.

Drying Off – How Well Did it Work?

After drying the car down, there were no outstanding marks, and I was quite pleased with the clean. I would be happy using the car wash regularly on my paintwork to ensure that the protection is kept topped up and my car kept properly clean.

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