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Tested: Armor All Shield Wax

We’re suckers for some decent car wax at Motor Verso, and when we got the opportunity to test Armor All Shield Wax we were very excited.

Armor All Shield Wax In Box

What is Armor All Shield Wax

Armor All wax claims to be better than your standard car wax. It has been specifically designed to form a protective shield that stops dirt and grime getting anywhere near your paintwork. Once in place you can expect a gleaming finish that will last for up to 10 washes, and make cleaning off dirt even easier.

Armor All Shield

The wax comes with a sponge applicator pad and microfibre cloth, ensuring you have everything you need to get the best finish possible.

Armor All Shield Wax – Application

Ensure that you wash and dry the car first, then shake the bottle well. Check that the applicator is clean and apply a small amount of wax onto the pad. Next, apply the wax onto the car in a circular motion. I tend to do this one panel at time so I don’t miss anything. Once you’ve finished a panel, you should use the microfibre cloth to buff off any additional wax.

Armor All Shield Wax On Ford Mustang Bonnet


The application process is dead easy, and quick to apply to a clean car. The results, once applied, were incredible. Take a look at a few of the pictures below – you can see the paintwork really popping after having the Armor All Shield Wax applied.

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