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Aston Martin DBS Barn Find – 30 Years Astray

Recently a very old Aston Martin DBS was discovered in a barn that had been there since 1986, as long as I have been alive. From what we hear, this barn find is the truest example we know. This car has literally been abandoned for 30 years.

The car was first registered in Surrey on the 5th November 1968. Even back in the ’60s this Aston came with a Motorola Radio, automatic gearbox, power assisted steering, fog lamps, and air conditioning, not bad.

Aston Martin DBS Barn Find

The car was sold on to a Mr. Pasqua who lived in Jersey in 1970 since then the car was used daily up until 1986 when, with only 30,000 miles on the clock, the Aston Martin was put to rest and been there ever since.

Condition and Sale

The current mechanical condition is unknown. The car uses a 6 cylinder engine, but it is very likely to need a lot of work after being left alone for that long. The impressive find is going up for auction estimate to collect around £50,000/£60,000, as only 787 examples of this car were ever produced.

This is one of the most exciting barn finds of the year so far. Having been left untouched for the last 30 years this DBS certainly needs restorative care, but to find an iconic car like this one intact with its original features is a fantastic opportunity for someone to acquire a desirable early car, which is prime for restoration or to rebuild to their own specification.
-Nick Whale, managing director of Silverstone Auction

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