Baseus Car Jump Starter Review

Few things about a car will make your heart sink when wanting to go out for a drive, like to find that it refuses to start. One crank, two cranks, three cranks later… Nada. All but a click is what you hear and not much else. This is quite common as much of the world sees COVID-19 lockdowns lifting, and most are free to go driving. However, months of idling will greet car owners only with dead batteries.

It’s for such reasons why you need a handy piece of kit like Baseus’ car jump starter in the garage. Or better still, perhaps leverage its compact form factor to store it in your glovebox, instead. I’ve always advocated the idea of carrying around emergency equipment in your car, just in case. Things like first aid kits, tire repair kits, toolbox, and so forth. If so, then why not add a portable jump starter, too?

A Lot Of Charge, For Plenty Of Jump Starts

The Baseus car jump starter should handily convince you to join the other side. For starters, it’s rather compact given its capabilities. It’s no larger in dimensions than your typically oversized power banks. Yet, contained within its durable and hardy casing is a 12,000mAh capacity. One which Baseus claims that a single full top-up of the portable battery bank can jump start up to 50 times within a charge. 50 times does some like a lot, for most of us, one time will do or maybe 4 times would be really useful.

Its peak output is rated at 1,000A, and this is crucial for a few reasons. Such high amperage is ideally designed for rapid jump starts, and this does indeed work rather brilliantly. As soon as you hook it up to your car’s dead battery, it can jump-start it within a second or thereabouts. All through the ease of these convenient starter cables. Besides that, its high output is compatible with a myriad of vehicles.

For petrol (or gasoline) vehicles, Baseus’ car jump starter is readily able to work well with engines up to 6.0-litres in size. Or, in the case of diesel-powered vehicles, up to a displacement of 3.5-litres. This wide-ranging versatility makes certain that you can effortlessly jump most vehicles that you’ll find on the streets today. Despite all that, mind you, the standby energy consumption is incredibly low.

Effortless To Maintain, Even Easier To Use

Let’s say you left it in your glovebox with a full charge, and haven’t touched it for a year. Not even to keep it topped up. With its meagre 0.05mA of idle consumption, it means that a year from now, it’ll still have 85% (out of 100%) of its charge remaining. So, it’s the sort of equipment that doesn’t need any sort of babying from you. In addition, it has longevity that’ll be most appreciated in a pinch.

In practice, the Baseus car jump starter is as easy to use as it appears. It’s far more comforting than your traditional way of jump-starting a car. There’s no need to call up a friend and has to hook up a set of jumper cables to their vehicle. You’ll find a helpful little charge indicator, and a flashlight built into the unit. This is especially helpful for night-time jump starts, or when visibility is non-existent.

Should you not need it to jump-start your car, then you could alternatively use this as a regular power bank. It’s got a 5V USB port that’s capable of outputting 2.4A. Or, how about a USB-C port that could output an even meatier 3.0A. Both are more than sufficient to keep a phone charged up in no time at all. As a whole, Baseus’ car jump starter does everything it says on the tin wonderfully, and more.

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