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Before the Test Drive – Bentley Continental GTC V8

Any car journalist loves to get exposure to powerful, desirable, and expensive cars. The Bentley Continental GT Convertible meets, and exceeds,  all 3 of those requirements. Here are some of my thoughts prior to the test drive.

What is the Bentley Continental GT Convertible V8 all about?

The Bentley Continental GTC is the soft top version of the British luxury car manufacture’s best selling model, the Continental GT. It is powered by a 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 engine that puts out 500bhp, and an impressive 660Nm of torque. Meaning you can do 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, and not only that, the luxury coupe will go all the way up to 187mph.


The expectations are sky high after driving the Bentley GT Speed earlier in the year. The Speed blew my mind with its 616bhp, and call me demanding but I also expect to be blown away by the V8 GTC.

I expect the performance of the V8 version to be just as instant and brutal as the GT Speed, but perhaps not as impressive at the top end. I would like to think having the smaller engine block gives this model a lighter and more agile feel than its high speed brother.

The build quality and level of luxury on the GTC is always going to be at the industry topping standard; with the diamondquilted leather on the seats and door, which just make the car look amazing.

I’m also very interested to see how being a convertible transforms the the luxury car driving experience, I would expect that it only adds to the thrill, and more importantly it will allow me to hear that V8 exhaust system in surround sound, and there is no doubt that it will sound fantastic.

Optional Extras

The Bentley GT Convertible V8 base model starts at £152,900 and the car on test has £42,370 worth of options fitted to make the driving experience that little bit nicer. In total the car on test is £195,270. Here are just a few of the options fitted;

  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes – £10,405 – Fitted with the largest, most powerful, ceramic brakes in the range; the stopping power of the these brakes are going to be phenomenal. The performance and brake feel of the ceramics also really help drive home that performance car feel.
  • Naim for Bentley Premium Audio – £5,475 – This option means the guys at Bentley fitted an 1100watt top of the range premium audio system. This is as powerful and impressive as they come, I can’t wait to hear it.
  • Carbon Fibre Fascia Panels, Centre Console & Roof Console – £ 4,040 – Everyone loves carbon fibre, and the inside of this GT has been carbon fibred to the max.
  • Contrast Stitching – £1,590 – The detail and level of quality in any Bentley, as standard, is top class, but you can customise it however you wish. For just £1,590 you can chose you own colour of cross stitching for all the fabric inside the car.

Supplied by: Bentley

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