Bentley Bentayga International Women's Day

Bentley’s Bespoke SUVs To Celebrate International Women’s Day

To all our female readers, Happy International Women’s Day! This is always an important time of the year to come together and celebrate the many achievements and sacrifices that women all around the world make, regardless of their endeavours. Myself, as someone who loves cars, I often remind myself of the pivotal roles that women play throughout automotive history.

Bentley remembers too, hence why they’ve commissioned not one, not two, but three bespoke Bentayga SUVs to celebrate the Bentley Girls of the 1920s, three extraordinary women who’ve each helped to build the storied legacy that Bentley stands upon to this day. We’ve all heard of the Bentley Boys before, but it’s now time to give the Bentley Girls a bit of the spotlight, too.

Record-Setting Trailblazer

Bentley Bentayga International Women's Day

Mary Petre Bruce made her mark as one of the Bentley Girls when she drove her Bentley 4½ Litre for 24 hours at Montlhéry, France on June 6th, 1929, averaging more than 89 miles per hour during the drive (impressive speeds for the time!). In so doing, capturing a world record, covering 2,164 miles in just 24 hours. She even set a powerboat record that same year!

In her honour, Bentley recreated a Bentayga to remember both her and the Bentley 4½ Litre that carried her to victory. The paintwork is a rich Parson Green Pearlescent Paint over some heritage hide interior. There are 24-karat gold organ stops and mother-of-pearl crossbanded veneer, with marquetry that reads YV 7263, which was Mary’s license plate on her Bentley.

A Supercharged Victory

Bentley Bentayga International Women's Day

We then have Dorothy Paget, the queen of speed. She’s the reason behind the creation of one of the most legendary cars ever made, the 4½ Litre Supercharged. As a racing driver, she often frequented Brooklands, and was obsessed with trying to get more power out of her Bentley. A solution came in the form of a supercharger, which she raced one at Le Mans in 1930.

Bentley recreated Dorothy’s #2 4½ Litre Supercharged that she competed with, employing its Blower Green Exterior paint over a minimal colour split interior. Taking inspiration from the 4½ Litre Supercharged’s distinctive radiator, this Bentayga even has painted nickel-coloured trim and accents on the interior, alongside engine spin aluminium fascia throughout the cabin.

The Mighty Flying Lady

Bentley Bentayga International Women's Day

Diana Barnato Walker’s story is a bit different, though it did have a Bentley in it – another 4½ Litre, but in Park Ward saloon trim. However, her fame would come from aircraft and flying, where she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary in 1941. It’s a dangerous task, delivering planes from factories to frontline squadrons, and often without any sort of ground contact, either.

But, it’s a job that she performed with distinction, delivering over 260 Spitfires and other sorts of aircraft over dangerous territory. In her memory, Bentley commissioned one Bentayga after her favourite aircraft; the Spitfire. With a Smoke Green bodywork, as well as a green and saddle hide interior, it beautifully mimics the cockpit and the iconic fuselage of the Mk9 Spitfire.

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