Bissell Multireach Ion 3

BISSELL MultiReach Ion 25.2V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a powerful cyclonic action while cleaning your home, then the MultiReach Ion 25.2V cordless vacuum cleaner is what you should get. It is combined with a detachable handheld unit and extension wand that assists in cleaning in high places and in the car. I tested this vacuum in my home and also in the car, and in my opinion, it is a powerful vacuum which sucks very well. It gave us an enjoyable moment as I cleaned my home and also our car, hence the reason I would recommend it for every home.


BISSELL MultiReach Ion 25.2V Cordless Vacuum

It comes well packaged with 4 accessories, i.e. the crevice tool, upholstery brush, quick charging base and extension wand. The vacuum is cordless, so it has a Li-Ion battery that gives it an extended run time of 40 minutes. It charges for about 8 hours or less while standing on the charging base. It has a battery charge indicator through which you can see the battery charge level.

It has a 2-way handle which makes it easy to reach under the furniture and also store it easily in small spaces, and it is activated by pulling a trigger on the handle. It is very light in weight as it only weighs 6 lbs, making it easy to manoeuvre around. It has a 180 degree swivel steering, which makes it easier for you to vacuum inbetween the furniture in the house.

BISSELL MultiReach Ion

Packed With Features

There are four buttons on the upper part of the handle, and they control the power, brush rotation, suction power, and the EdgeReach. The brush can be turned on and off for cleaning different types of floors. The edge bristles sweep dirt and dust out of the corners and edges. The suction power can be decreased or increased, depending on your requirements. The exclusive EdgeReach technology systems diverts the suctioning process to the side of the vacuum foot, meaning it cleans furniture and also along edges very easily.


Perfect Vacuum for the Car

It has a long extension wand and a removable handheld vacuum which makes it easier to clean the above the floor areas. The removable vacuum can also be used to clean inside the car because the whole equipment cannot fit in. It has a soft brush which removes crumbs and dirt from the seats, and the edge bristles remove dirt from the corners.


It makes it easy to reach under the seats and hard to reach places. By using the crevice tool, you can suck out dust and dirt from door pockets and the corners where dirt mostly hides hence gives the car a spotless shine.


The dirt is collated in a compartment that accommodates about 0.4 litres before you decide to empty it. It is easy to maintain the vacuum and it has an easy to rinse filter.


The BISSELL MultiReach Ion 25.2V cordless vacuum cleaner currently sells for £189.99 which is an offer price from the previous £259.99 price. It has a limited 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

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