New BMW 8 Series

BMW 8-Series Returns – Watch Out Merc S Class

After nearly two decades of missing a high-end luxury coupe in their lineup, BMW has confirmed that it’s iconic 8-Series Coupe will be restored to its range in 2018.

An Iconic 1990’s Piece of Design

Why should you be excited about this? Well, the 8-Series is one of BMW’s most daring designs back in the 1990’s, from the pop-up headlights to the pillarless flowing door design, it was one of the great looking cars of the time.

Now with rivals Mercedes seeing success with their S-Class coupe, BMW has been decided that there is indeed a place in the market for an all-new 8-Series. The new model has been in development for some time but has only recently received the go-ahead from BMW bosses.

Aggressive Styling But No Pop Up Headlights

No details have been released aside from a teaser image provided by BMW, little is revealed in this image aside from the flowing lines of the car, the rather aggressive-looking rear arch styling and the mini ducktail-style rear wing. Sadly no pop-up headlights are included in this design; this is due to current pedestrian safety regulations for cars which simply don’t allow car-makers to incorporate this feature in 2017.

The new 8-Series is expected in concept form at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este later this month (read as final production spec), this should be a first for BMW as usually reveals at the Concorso d’Eleganza are usually restricted to pure concepts rather than actual production models.

We can only hope that BMW give the 8-Series the V8 twin-turbo engine from the upcoming M5 G30 model, as any addition to the M car range would surely be welcomed by car fans the world over.

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