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The BMW M5 Is Back And This Time It’s All Wheel Drive

BMW have unveiled the latest version of the M5, and some of the changes may ruffle a few feathers amongst the purists. The BMW M5 uses a newly developed all wheel drive system which BMW calls M xDrive. Over recent years, more BMW saloon cars used the standard xDrive system, but the new M5’s system promises more performance. Like many all wheel drive systems, the M xDrive system only puts power to the front wheels when the rears are at their limits. The new BMW M5 is due to go on sale in February 2018.

600BHP, 750Nm of Torque and a 155MPH Top Speed

BMW say: “Enthusiastic drivers can configure the M xDrive system at any time according to their needs”. Following up by saying: “If the driver switches to M Dynamic mode, the M5 becomes sharper and more agile. More torque is fed to the rear axle. This allows controlled drifts and playful handling, but with controlled oversteer.” The traction provided by the M xDrive system allows the 600BHP from the 4.4 litre turbocharged V8 to speed the car up to 62MPH in just 3.4 seconds and on to 124MPH in just 11.1 seconds.

Don’t Worry! The M5 Does Have a 2WD Mode

Whilst BMW purists will scoff at the idea of an AWD M5, it is the way the performance brand is going with the hot version of the 7 series also using a similar system. Although the M xDrive system seems to be the future for BMW, they specify that the new M5 has a 2WD mode: “The pure rear-wheel-drive 2WD mode is designed for track use by experienced drivers and is dedicated entirely to pure driving pleasure without restrictive control systems.” However, this seems to slightly contradict their performance ideals for the new BMW M5. To improve the overall dynamics of the new M5, BMW have taken a few weight reducing measures. These measures consist in adding an aluminium bonnet and front wings along with a carbon fibre reinforced plastic roof. Also, the new design of the rear diffuser and the spoiler helped enhance the dynamics of the new M5.

A Driver-Focused Interior

The interior of the M5 has always focused on the driver and his experience behind the wheel. The new model is no different: all the dials and gauges aim towards the driver. The multi-functional M seats have a new design and now come as standard on the M5. New additions to the seat include improved shoulder support and greater lateral support for ‘keen drivers’. Fine Merino leather cover the seats which also  have an illuminated M5 badge.

There’s Never Been A ‘Bad’ BMW M5

Whilst many will find disappointment in the introduction of a AWD M5, they should remember there has yet to be a bad M5. Although it has its critics, the overall driving performance and experience has been up there with the highest end super-cars: “BMW M is continuing a success story that began over 30 years ago and is based on a seemingly simple recipe: luxury through the highest level of performance and comfort.”

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2018 BMW M5 Gallery

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