The UK’s Electric Vehicle Revolution: Bridgestone Survey Reveals Growth and Concerns

A recent survey conducted by Bridgestone reveals that nearly half of UK motorists intend to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) within the next five years. However, apprehensions surrounding charging point infrastructure and range anxieties persist. Amidst these revelations, Bridgestone’s new Turanza 6 EV-ready tyre is strategically positioned to support the emerging EV revolution. For those seeking to address these concerns, an Electric Vehicle Course can provide valuable insights into EV technology, charging infrastructure, and range management, further empowering consumers to make informed decisions about their transition to electric mobility.

Rising Interest in Electric Vehicles

The survey, involving 2,000 drivers, demonstrated that 40% plan to purchase an EV by 2028, marking an 11% increase from a similar survey conducted in 2022. Despite the promising growth, concerns related to the accessibility of charging stations and range anxiety persist. Approximately 67% of respondents expressed fears about the availability of charging stations, while half of them still experience range anxiety, an increase of 21% from last year.

Nonetheless, the benefits of transitioning to EVs were not lost on the respondents. Half of them acknowledge the potential savings from avoiding fuel pumps, and 45% are preparing to make the switch for environmental benefits. Yet, convincing the remaining population remains a challenge, with 25% stating they never intend to buy one.

The Reality of Range Anxiety

According to the AA’s research, range anxiety may be less of an issue than perceived. In 2022, only 2.1% of EV breakdowns resulted from cars running out of battery, suggesting that concerns about range might be overstated.

Reflecting on the Rising Cost of Living

Bridgestone’s latest findings also touch on the current economic climate, revealing that 56% of motorists would consider car sharing in the future to reduce outgoings and save money.

The EV Market in Numbers

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) underscores the steady growth in the EV market. In May 2023, 33,538 new plug-in cars were registered, 47% more than the previous year, with a total of 170,000 new registrations so far in 2023.

Bridgestone’s Role in the EV Revolution

Bridgestone, a leader in mobility solutions, is addressing some of the apprehensions by enhancing tyre technology to optimise EV performance and battery life. The all-new Turanza 6 tyre, Bridgestone’s first-ever ‘EV Ready’ tyre, boasts of low rolling resistance to conserve battery life, excellent control to address EV-specific driving issues, higher wear tolerance, and decreased noise for driver comfort.

Designed with Bridgestone’s ENLITEN technology, the Turanza 6 uses less raw material and contributes to reduced rolling resistance, allowing EVs to cover more miles per range and require less charging. This technology not only promotes resource efficiency but also helps reduce CO2 emissions, pushing towards a more sustainable future without compromising performance or safety.

The Road Ahead

Bridgestone North Region Vice President, Andrea Manenti, acknowledged the need for continued work in reassuring motorists of the benefits of EVs. He remarked, “EV sales are only going to grow, year-on-year. We are addressing many concerns with premium tyres that meet specific EV requirements and help deliver optimal performance, as seen in our new Bridgestone Turanza 6 tyre.”

Bridgestone’s EV research and the development of the Turanza 6 tyre are aligned with the company’s mission to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company by 2050. It embodies Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment, aimed at achieving a carbon-neutral mobility society, advancing sustainable tyre technologies, and maximising productivity through the advancement of mobility.

In the face of rising EV interest and concerns, Bridgestone’s contributions and insights prove to be vital in shaping the UK’s EV landscape. While the road to complete EV adoption may be winding, companies like Bridgestone are helping pave the way.

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