Carly OBD Scanner Review: Your Trustworthy Companion for Car Diagnostics and Maintenance

In the world of car diagnostics, there are countless tools to choose from. Yet, every once in a while, a tool stands out, making a name for itself. The Carly OBD Scanner is one such unique tool, distinguished by its comprehensive features and exceptional performance. I recently had the opportunity to test this gem of technology on my 2016 5.0 V8 Ford Mustang, and I was impressed by its capabilities.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon receiving the Carly OBD Scanner, the first thing that struck me was its solid build quality. It is compact and feels well-made, with clear indications of a thoughtful design process. The plug-and-play nature of the scanner is a true testament to its user-friendliness, ready to connect with your vehicle’s OBD2 port and your smartphone within minutes.

Ease of Use

Setting up the Carly OBD Scanner is incredibly straightforward. A swift three-step process – plug it in, turn on the ignition, and connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone – and you’re good to go! The accompanying Carly App is equally impressive, featuring a clean, intuitive interface that caters to both novices and car enthusiasts alike.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Moving on to its core functionalities, the Carly Scanner truly shines in its diagnostic capabilities. I put it to the test, and the tool promptly detected two minor faults in my Mustang – B2486 and B2730. It offered valuable insight into these issues, including potential causes and preventive measures, which truly demonstrates the tool’s ability to empower vehicle owners. The scanner’s capabilities are commendable, helping drivers catch potential issues early on to avoid costly repairs.

The Carly Smart Mechanic feature is another aspect that won my heart. It provides expert mechanics’ repair and maintenance tips that can drastically boost your understanding of car maintenance. Even as a seasoned car enthusiast, I found these insights extremely useful, particularly for DIY repairs.

Understanding B2486 & B2730 Fault Codes

To enhance our understanding of Carly’s performance, let’s take a closer look at the specific error codes detected during the testing period on the V8 Ford Mustang. The Carly OBD scanner successfully identified two minor faults, B2486 and B2730. While these codes may not be immediately familiar to most car owners, the Carly app provides an accessible way to understand what these faults mean.

B2486 Fault Code

The B2486 fault code indeed indicates a problem with the Climate Control Seat Module, specifically when the module’s voltage goes out of the acceptable range. This could be due to an electrical issue with the module itself, such as faulty wiring or connection problems, or even an issue with the vehicle’s alternator not properly supplying power.

The Climate Control Seat Module controls the heating and cooling functions of the seats. When the code B2486 is set, it means the system has detected a voltage level outside the factory defined range, which can lead to decreased performance of the seat heating or cooling functions.

Proper diagnosis and repair require electrical testing equipment and potentially replacement of the faulty components.

B2730 Fault Code

The B2730 fault code corresponds to the “Back Over-Temp Detected” error. This fault code signifies that the vehicle’s control module has detected an excessively high temperature in the back area of the vehicle.

Typically, this code is associated with vehicles that have a rear climate control system, which allows passengers in the back seats to adjust the temperature to their preference. When the control module picks up on an unusually high temperature reading from the sensors in the back area, it triggers the B2730 code.

Possible causes of this error code can range from a malfunctioning sensor, faulty wiring or connectors, a failing rear climate control module, or even a physical blockage causing inadequate air flow.

Proactive Maintenance Management

Where the Carly Scanner significantly stands apart is its proactive maintenance management feature. The Carly Maintenance feature lets you stay ahead of your car’s service needs, helping keep track of service intervals and easily reset your service light. This feature alone could save car owners from needless worry and unanticipated maintenance costs.

Used Car Check and Coding

I was also impressed by the Carly Used Car Check feature, a trust-builder for anyone in the market for a used car. It can detect mileage manipulation, ensuring honest odometer readings, and sheds light on the vehicle’s history and safety, including the critical airbag status.

For BMW and VW group branded vehicle owners, the Carly Coding feature is an absolute delight. It unlocks hidden features and allows you to change settings according to your needs. Although I couldn’t test this on my Mustang, online reviews and feedback from other users have been overwhelmingly positive.

Battery Health Checker

Another standout feature is the Carly Battery Health Checker. It’s a well-known fact that battery problems are often the culprits of breakdowns. The Battery Health Checker equips you with vital information about your battery’s status, allowing you to nip any potential issues in the bud.

Carly Product Packages – Basic Package and the Premium Package

The Basic Package includes the Carly Universal Scanner and basic features. This package allows users to understand fault codes better, check components and perform some repairs independently. The Basic Package is priced at £74.80.

The Premium Package is a comprehensive solution that offers all features automatically in the app on your smartphone. This includes all the basics, plus the advanced functionalities related to repair and data, maintenance, battery diagnostics, and the newly added “Smart Mechanic” feature. In addition, with the Premium Package, all Ford-specific features will be unlocked in the app. The package is offered at a price of £53.89, representing a 15% savings compared to purchasing the Basic Package.

Both packages come with the Carly Universal Scanner, which is compatible with all car brands and is enabled for both iOS and Android devices. The scanner comes with a lifetime warranty and premium customer support. The Carly licenses are an annual subscription.

It’s important to note that every car is unique, so specific features will vary with each model. Customers are recommended to connect the Carly Scanner and open the free version of the app to check the supported features specifically for their car. The Carly solution should work in all cars built in 2001 or later.

If customers already have a Carly Scanner, they can simply download the Carly OBD2 Scanner App from the Apple or Google Play Store, log in with the credentials from their online purchase, and start using Carly by plugging it into their car.

All Carly Scanners come with a lifetime warranty. If there’s any issue, customers can contact Carly’s Support Team for assistance. The Carly solution is safe to use and should not affect the car’s warranty if used as recommended.

Customer Feedback

A quick look at customer reviews shows the high regard people have for the Carly Scanner. Users have appreciated its easy setup, in-depth diagnostics, and exceptional features. The consistent feedback indicates that Carly has successfully empowered car owners to take control of their vehicle’s health, aligning with Carly’s mission of placing consumers in the driver’s seat of their vehicle’s maintenance.


In conclusion, the Carly OBD Scanner is a remarkable, comprehensive car diagnostic and maintenance tool. It amalgamates advanced technology, ease of use, and extensive features to provide an all-in-one solution for car owners and enthusiasts.

With capabilities ranging from diagnosing fault codes to providing intricate details about vehicle health, it offers unparalleled insight into your vehicle’s operations. It empowers users to understand their vehicles better, perform maintenance tasks, and even conduct repairs independently, thus saving on potentially costly garage visits.

Whether you’re a novice user looking for basic diagnostic information or a seasoned car enthusiast seeking detailed performance data, Carly’s range of packages cater to every need and budget. With continuous updates and improvements, the Carly OBD Scanner not only stands as a vital tool for today’s motorists but also as a testament to the future of vehicle diagnostics and maintenance.

Investing in the Carly OBD Scanner can lead to substantial long-term benefits, fostering a deeper understanding of your vehicle, enhanced maintenance routines, and ultimately, a more reliable and longer-lasting vehicle.

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