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Cleaning Top To Bottom With Turtle Wax

For anyone that is into cars, cleaning them is often a big thing. As why would you spend so much money on a car then just leave it dirty all the time?

The car cleaning market is full of many different products and it is sometime very difficult to tell what products really work. I’m sure you have heard of Turtle Wax. They are a well known brand with a wide range of products. We tested out some of the latest range to see just how the products got on. Take a look at the video below to see all the items in action.

Below we will run through some of the products we used and what we thought about them.

Streak Free Wash and Wax

This is pretty much what it says on the tin. The car shampoo is specially developed to develop a streak free finish whilst washing the dirt off your car. The product has a rinse added to the mix, meaning that you will see the water roll off your car easily. This makes the car a lot easier to dry following a good wash down. There is a wax element in the product also helping provide a shiny finish to the car but without all the elbow grease of waxing it on and off the car.

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All Wheel Cleaner

Next up we used the All Wheel Cleaner. Most importantly I noticed that this product is PH neutral to help maintain the finish of the alloy wheels over time. But the wheel cleaner, once it has been left on the wheel for a couple of minutes, still has strong power and will remove a lot of the stains and makes on the alloy wheels. Simply spray the clean on, leave it for a minute then wash off with a sponge. After the car dries you will notice that the wheel will look cleaner than ever and also have a bit of extra shine to them.

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Wax It Wet

Now this is most likely my favourite product from the testing. Wax It Wet is a liquid wax that can be applied to the car whilst drying the car. The advantage of this is that most people will only wash and dry their cars regularly, but might not find the time to wax them regularly. Wax It Wet can be applied to the car during the normally drying process and takes zero amount more work to get a better finish. I love the concept and after testing the product the finish was on the paint work was very noticeable. If there was one product I could recommend from the entire range it would be this one.

Turtle Wax -12

Turtle Wax Original

If you are after that perfect finish on the car then Turtle Wax Original will get you a hardshell shine look. You apply the wax on with a cloth, rubbing the wax on to the car lightly then buffing it off clean. Instantly, the wax make the paintwork noticeably deep and very shiny. This process took me around 3o mins for the entire Hyundai i30 I was cleaning up. But to be honest it was worth every minute for the finish it gives.

Turtle Wax -13

Waterless Wash

Waterless Wash is great product that is worth keeping in the boot. There are times you need to clean down part of your car but don’t have a hose to hand. The small handy spray will allow you to safety remove dirt from your car without damaging the paint work and will give a bright shine after also. Very useful.

Turtle Wax -18

Bug and Tar Remover

Washing cars that have been on long summer journeys are often a big pain. They can get covered in flies that just dry onto the car. But Turtle Wax have a solution for this. The Bug and Tar Remover is simply sprayed on to the effected area and will help you wipe off the sticky bugs with a lot less effort. I used this on both the front of the car and behind the wheel arches to remove both bugs and tar and it was highly effective.

Turtle Wax -20

Wet ‘N’ Black

All the hard work of cleaning your car up is never complete unless you have freshened up your tyres also. Wet ‘N’ Black can be quickly sprayed onto your tyres and will give them an instant new true wet look, putting the finish touch on your car.

Turtle Wax -21

Dash and Glass

On the inside I was able to give my dash a fresh new look by simply using the Dash & Glass product. A couple of quick sprays will be enough for the entire dashboard and will be surprised with how dark and glossy the plastic will look afterwards.

Turtle Wax -23

Clearvue Glass Clean

Over time our car’s glass can get very dirty and it is often only at night when we notice the marks light up. Often these marks can be difficult to get ride of. But using a dedicated product like Clearvue Glass Cleaner actually made all the difference. It only took one spray and quick wipe and the windows were back looking at their best.

Turtle Wax -26

Turtle Wax – Perfectly Clean

Take a look at the Hyundai i30 that we have cleaned up below. You can see all the products used have taken the car back to showroom condition.

Turtle Wax -27 Turtle Wax -29 Turtle Wax -30 Turtle Wax -31 Turtle Wax -32 Turtle Wax -33 Turtle Wax -34 Turtle Wax -35 Turtle Wax -36 Turtle Wax -37


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