Rolls Royce Ghost Prism

Contemporary Timelessness With Rolls Royce’s New Ghost Prism

Rolls Royce has made bespoke personalisation and custom touches a marquee feature for the brand. So, it’s no surprise that they’d want to make their cars as much of a blank canvas as it’s possible. Thus, allowing their clients to personalise their vehicles to their heart’s content. The latest chariot in Rolls Royce’s stable to get the honours is the Ghost. Limited to just 120 units, the new Ghost Prism is a celebration of Rolls Royce’s coming 120th anniversary in 2024.

For its birthday, the Ghost Prism is shown here in gunmetal grey paintwork, black accents, as well as four distinct interior highlights that lucky customers could choose from… Phoenix Red, Turchese, Mandarin and Forge Yellow. These bold and striking colours are also applied to the bumper inserts, brake callipers, and the distinctive coachline running along the side of the car. But the interior is where it’s really at, with those bold colours piercing through the heavens.

Rolls Royce Ghost Prism

Bold, Bright, And Striking Colours

I do mean that literally, of course, as Rolls Royce has applied either of the four striking colours on the 1,040 individual LEDs that make up the constellation Starlight headliner. They’re all placed within their leather canvas through perforated holes, which are precisely chalked and punched by hand. It’s enough to fill the entire cabin with a warm and gentle glow. Then, aired with either one of the four distinct accents, contrasting sharply against the dark and domineering exterior paintwork.

Naturally, this being a Rolls Royce, clients still have pretty much infinite choices to coachbuild the ideal Ghost Prism for each of them. This includes bespoke colourways, and more. It’s only the first few commissions that’ll incorporate this uniform design, which Rolls Royce says takes most of its inspiration from their relationship with a specific group of clientele… The rich and powerful that work within the fashion and design industries, building a car for their tastes.

Rolls Royce Ghost Prism

Excellence In Polishing And Paintwork

This is the concept behind Rolls Royce’s inspiration to finish the Ghost Prism in both dark and neutral tones. And, only subtly accented with those bold and bright strokes of colour. This is a very meticulous procedure too, with a 10-step process where four layers of paint are applied, before then polishing by hand for 16 hours. Meanwhile, the oft-familiar mirror-polished steel on the exterior trim is replaced by Burnout, a high-gloss, smoked, grey-black finish.

Rolls Royce achieves this by hand-prepping the metal pieces, and applying a light abrasive touch, before applying four coats of Burnout paint. Once it’s cured, they’ll be polished to perfection, creating a high-gloss finish that brilliantly showcases the Ghost Prism’s coachwork. The rest gets a deep-gloss black finish. Only the lucky few would ever get to own one of these. But, it’s nevertheless nice to see just how far Rolls Royce is willing to go for craftsmanship’s sake.

Rolls Royce Ghost Prism

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