Coul House Hotel Review

No NC500 trip would be complete without a few stops along the way It was important to sign-off on a high note and therefore our last stop needed to be something special and the Coul House Hotel was the perfect culmination point of an amazing trip. It was less like a hotel and more like something out of an old British novel with plenty of character and lots of history and intrigue attached to it.

A Great First Impression

Arriving in the VW Touareg felt nothing short of turning up for a grand event. We were pretty tired and road weary by this point of our trip and we had been to some really stunning locations. So, it would take a lot to impress us and the Coul House Hotel delivered by taking our breath away.

The parking is out front and as you drive up to the place the first thing that hits you is how massive everything is. The lawns surrounding the place are huge and the building itself is the epitome of old-school classiness.

Designed in the classical Gothic style, everything from the windows to the structure itself is huge and imposing. This was just the beginning though. Stepping out of the car and approaching the red entrance door felt like we had been transported back in time. If the hotel was great from the outside, it was even better on the inside.

A Pet-friendly And Comfortable Hotel

We already knew that the Coul House Hotel was pet-friendly but we never expected to be greeted by the cutest dog sitting in its own basket at reception. It turned out to be the owner’s dog and it added a nice touch to the welcome we received.

The staff were very gracious and the reception area continued the great impression we had of the place up to that point. The ornate fireplace was the centre of attraction and overall, within minutes of stepping inside the hotel, we knew that we had chosen the perfect spot for the last leg of our journey.

The waiting area by the fireplace was extremely comfortable and cosy and gave us an idea about the kind of accommodation and service we would be enjoying during our stay at the Coul House Hotel. Every piece of furniture looked stately and of the highest quality and the entire decor screamed luxury. It was the perfect blend of old-school design with modern amenities.

Majestic Rooms

We were in high spirits after that warm welcome but our bodies still needed some rest and peace and the rooms offered just that. Just as in the reception area, the furniture in the room was of high-quality. Everything from the bed to the chairs was incredibly comfortable and the somewhat asymmetrical shape of the rooms added to their unique appeal.

It all felt very different but oddly familiar at the same time.

The floors were nothing short of artwork and we later learnt that the whole place is a cultural icon with a long and storied history. Even though it was our first time at the Coul House Hotel, it felt very familiar and we were immediately at home.

The attached bathroom was well-stocked and quite modern-looking. Even though the place was built in 1821, it has all the modern facilities you would need with multiple electrical sockets at different locations to connect everything from phone chargers to electric shavers.

Plenty Of Open Spaces

As we had observed during our drive up to the Coul House Hotel, the house is surrounded by plenty of open spaces all around. The front of the house features a large lawn and an open parking area that can accommodate a lot of cars at the same time. The lawn at the back was even better looking and could easily host a large party, wedding or gathering.

The Coul House Hotel is the ideal location for everything from business retreats to marriages. The whole place is surrounded by trees which gives it a sort of secluded look that allows you to get away from the humdrum routine of everyday life for a few days in a peaceful manner. The lawns can host a plethora of games and picnics and has plenty of potential to create some astounding holiday memories.

It is also a nice place to rest and rewind as we did. The peaceful atmosphere offers a nice respite from busy city life and provides you with a better perspective of the little things that bring joy. We spent our time just lounging on one of the benches in the sun and among the trees, it was time well spent.

A Fairy Trail And Food To Match The Ambience

One of the pleasant surprises offered by the Coul House Hotel is the fairy trail which is a cute walk through the woods with plenty of adorable fairy houses and other fairy related models. It bought out the inner child in us and even if you are not into fairy tales, you will still find the trail quite enjoyable and soothing, and for sure the kids will love it.

At the very least, the trail presents you with plenty of opportunities to take some unique photos.

Another aspect of the Coul House Hotel that really surprised us was the food. We got to partake in some authentic Scottish delights as well as some unique dishes which enhanced the entire experience many times over.

Our stay at the Coul House Hotel gave us a great experience. In all, the Coul House Hotel is a nice amalgamation of history, hospitality, comfort and luxury in a wonderful setting.

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