CTEK Uncovers Widespread Battery Problems in UK’s Auto Workshops

Recent survey finds that up to half of the vehicles arriving in workshops have battery problems, largely due to insufficient charging

Leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, CTEK, has unveiled shocking results from a recent European survey. Almost 20% of the 700 surveyed workshop technicians claimed that out of every 10 vehicles that arrive at their workshop, between 3 and 5 have a battery problem – up to 50% of all vehicles serviced.

The Real Problem: Inadequate Charging, not Faulty Batteries

Contrary to what one might expect, more than 85% of warranty claims are not due to faulty batteries. Research conducted by a prominent battery manufacturer has unearthed the true problem – a lack of charge or improper maintenance by customers, leading to battery sulfation. During the servicing process, a vehicle’s battery can lose up to 10% of its charge. If a vehicle is left unused for several days, the battery charge can significantly decrease to dangerously low levels.

CTEK’s Top Tips for Battling Battery Issues

To support professional workshops in combating these challenges, CTEK provides top tips for optimizing battery service and diagnostic procedures:

  1. Test the Battery and Communicate the Condition to the Customer: Using a battery tester, like CTEK’s PRO Battery Tester, technicians can swiftly and precisely test the vehicle’s battery and provide customers with instant results, leading to better preventative maintenance discussions.
  2. Connect a Battery Support Unit during Diagnostic or Reprogramming Work: Connecting a battery support unit, such as the CTEK PRO120, ensures a stable power supply, preventing the generation of ghost fault codes caused by low battery voltage.
  3. Use a Battery Support Unit, not a Jump Start Pack, for Battery Support Work: A dedicated Battery Support Unit provides continuous and controlled power, essential for tasks requiring consistent voltage.
  4. Connecting a Charger/Power Supply Unit Minimises Error Codes: A stable power supply unit helps prevent voltage fluctuations that can trigger false or ghost error codes, improving diagnostic accuracy.

Implementing these measures can significantly enhance battery service procedures, leading to a decrease in battery-related breakdown incidents.

CTEK’s PRO Range: Perfect for Professional Workshops

CTEK’s PRO products, offering stable voltage and protection against de-rating, are designed for professional workshops. They’re compatible with all types of 12V batteries, feature automatic parallel load compensation, and an automatic 8-step charging process to support workshops during service and diagnostics.

For more information on the CS PRO range, visit www.ctek.com

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