Be Winter Smart: CTEK’s Essential Tips for Worry-Free Motoring in Cold Weather

As the chill of winter draws near, it’s not just our wardrobes that need a seasonal overhaul. Our vehicles, especially car batteries, demand extra attention to navigate the cold weather effortlessly. CTEK, a global leader in vehicle charging solutions, emphasises the significance of battery maintenance during the winter months for seamless and worry-free motoring.

The Winter Challenge for Car Batteries

Winter presents a unique set of challenges for car batteries. Cold temperatures mean batteries need to work harder, often only charging up to about 60% of their capacity. This reduced efficiency can lead to increased fuel consumption, as your engine might use 5-10 additional horsepower. Consequently, the risk of a costly breakdown escalates.

Signs of Battery Distress and Preventive Measures

A battery’s performance can drop by up to 35% at freezing temperatures and even further as the mercury dips. Signs like starting troubles or electrical system irregularities could indicate a weakening battery. Furthermore, CTEK points out that an inactive battery can lose 0.1V monthly, with this loss exacerbated by systems like alarms or remote locking.

The strain intensifies for cars equipped with ‘stop/start’ functions. If this feature isn’t operating as usual, it could be a sign of insufficient battery charge, with the vehicle prioritising essential functions to conserve energy.

The CTEK Solution: CS ONE

Addressing winter battery woes is simpler with CTEK’s CS ONE charger. Its revolutionary APTO™ (Adaptive Charging) technology simplifies the charging process, adapting to the type of battery and delivering a customized program. The user-friendly design ensures no mix-ups with clamps or buttons, making it virtually error-proof.

The CS ONE is more than just a charger. It’s a smart investment for drivers, offering maintenance and troubleshooting functionalities. It adapts its charging method based on battery health and external temperatures, ensuring optimal performance even in cold conditions. This adaptive approach can also rejuvenate your battery, extending its life and performance.

Get Set for Winter

Don’t let winter catch you off-guard. Investing in a smart charger like CTEK’s CS ONE and following expert tips will prepare your vehicle for the colder months ahead. With CTEK’s guidance, you can look forward to smooth and uninterrupted winter journeys.

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