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Davanti Tyres Continues Support for Grassroots Rugby with Hindley ARLFC

Davanti Tyres, a leading mid-range tyre manufacturer, has always been at the forefront of community support. As the new season gears up, they’ve proudly announced the extension of their partnership with Hindley Amateur Rugby League Football Club (ARLFC) for another two seasons.

A Commitment Spanning Six Seasons

Beginning their journey with Hindley ARLFC in the 2018/19 season, Davanti Tyres has now been alongside the youth teams of this Wigan-based club for six continuous seasons. This extended sponsorship is a glowing testament to Davanti’s unwavering commitment to local grassroots clubs, especially in its home turf in the north-west.

More Than Just Branding: Real Impact

It’s not merely about having the Davanti name on jerseys or banners. For this prominent tyre brand, it’s about weaving themselves into the fabric of the community and making a tangible difference. Through this partnership, over 200 children aged between 6 and 12 have reaped the benefits.

Rapid Growth and Expanding Opportunities

The evidence of success isn’t just in longevity but in growth. Some age groups under the club’s banner now have two teams. Even more impressively, the club has seen a surge in female participation, with a thriving girls’ section accounting for over 100 enthusiastic players.

Andrew Burgess, Davanti Tyres’ Finance Director, summed up the company’s ethos beautifully. “Long-term relationships, especially with community entities like Hindley, have always been close to our heart,” he shared. “We’re all about enabling local kids to engage in sports, keeping them active, healthy, and driven.”

Gratitude from the Club

Barry Taylor, Chairman at Hindley ARLFC, couldn’t be more grateful. “Having an international brand like Davanti Tyres supporting local grassroots and community sports for juniors is invaluable,” he noted. “Their commitment is a big factor in helping us nurture future talent. We’re extremely proud to have Davanti on our team.”

For those keen on learning more about Davanti Tyres and their various partnerships, you can explore further on their official website.

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