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Living With the 2017 DS Automobiles DS5

After one week testing out the latest generation DS5, here are some interesting things we learnt about the car during our time with it.

Incredible Headlights

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the DS5 is the incredibly bright, all-LED directional headlights. If you get the opportunity to test the car on a fully blacked-out road, these headlamps are as close as you can get to daylight. The light temperature provides optimal visibility, and the intensity is fantastic. The directional headlights allow them to turn into the corner as the car turns, and give you even greater visibility in the road ahead. Honestly, all cars should aim to do this as well as the DS5 does.

DS5 - country roads

DS5 – Enjoy the Journey

No matter what time of the day it was, I felt the burning desire to put some miles on the car. Its multitude of endearing qualities made journeys something to look forward to rather than a chore. You can see here that the S-bend of a night journey is the perfect opportunity for the DS5 to show its best side. The car takes on the corners with ease, and you can really enjoy the ride in comfort.

DS5 night driving

DS Independent Branding

I always like to iterate that the DS Automobiles brand should be showcased as independent from its previous Citroen links. DS is pitched as a standalone premium brand over the Citroen models., so you’ll notice that all the latest DS cars now have their own branding and unique look. Of course, it will take some time for this to filter down to the mass public, but it’s a handy note to be aware of. The new grille and badge look fantastic, giving the car a bit of exclusivity over the more popular brands on the road today.

DS5 grille

Styling Like No Other

Looking at the back of the DS5, there is very little you can compare this car to. Of course the eagle-eyed among us will notice that it does share qualities with the Citroen C4, but the styling in this car is extremely unique. It truly has that DS finesse in a lot of areas, like those large alloy wheels and rear light clusters. This car also has a glass roof running from back to front – an incredible look which adds a high-lip spoiler and a sporty edge to the rear. If that’s not enough for you, take a look at the two wide exhaust-tips, which really shape the back of the DS5.

DS5 rear

An Unconventional, Unique Interior Design

Getting into the interior of the DS5, this car looks different from everything else on the market. The styling is my favourite thing about the car. Its biggest feature is the centre console – it feels nice and wide between the driver and the passenger to provide a fighter-pilot feel. There’s a vast array of boldly-designed switchgear, and the car is also well-equipped with premium features. A massaging driver’s seat, heated front seats, dual climate control and DAB radio GPS are just a few of the luxuries you can expect within the DS5.

DS5 interior

DS Quirks

Anyone interested in the DS brand will already love the quirks of this manufacturer. Personally, I love all the simple elements that go into designing even the smallest aspects of the car. The key, for example, looks cool as anything and far more premium than you’d get from many manufacturers. That’s a desirable option on its own. Then take a look at the owners manual. Black leather with red stitching and some quality DS branding on there as well – it’s truly a masterpiece. Truth be told, I’d certainly swap the manual out for my daily papers and carry it around the office.

All of these qualities continue throughout the car – there are lots of little stamps and surprises to catch your eye the more time you spend time with the DS5.

DS5 key and handbook

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