EV And Hybrid Owners… Be Warned Of Improper Car Recovery

As electric cars and hybrids are becoming more prevalent, there’s one particular issue that has come about which may bring a shocking (pun intended) end to your ownership experience. It’s normal to cut corners when you’re thinking about the costs of owning and running a vehicle. It can be especially understandable in this economy, where everything around us is ever pricier.

However, award-winning automotive breakdown cover provider, Start Rescue, warns that you shouldn’t skimp on everything. That includes specialty roadside assistance and recovery plans, particularly if you own an EV and hybrid. You see… Hybrids and EVs are very different from old-school ICE cars. For instance, there’s the powertrain, drivetrain, and battery to look out for, which include unique features that ICE cars don’t have.

Lacklustre Roadside Recovery Can Cost You

EVs and hybrids have unique elements such as regenerative braking and electric motors that a typical ICE-only vehicle doesn’t have. Given how sensitive these components are, you shouldn’t trust unqualified or untrained recovery agents to work on them. Poor handling would often result in undue strain or wear caused on these parts. Hence, why most automakers provide EV and hybrid owners with roadside assistance that specialise in these vehicles.

On the other hand, unskilled roadside and recovery folks have been known to cost car owners quite a lot before. On average, Start Rescue found that ICE owners would spend around £250 on inflated bills and charges. For EV and hybrid owners, you then have to account for another several thousand pounds on repairs. These operators might not even have the right insurance! So, make sure you’re careful with who you trust.

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