EZ Car Care Weekend Warrior Kit Review

Cars are the ultimate composite piece of machinery as they are made up of so many different materials. Cleaning and maintaining a car involves so much more than just washing it once every few weeks. However, buying specialised products for each part of the cleaning and maintenance process can be tedious and uneconomical. The Weekend Warrior Kit is a perfect all-in-one solution that is very reasonably priced while being extremely effective. Here is a rundown of each of the products that make up this kit.

Citrus Wash – Pre Wash

This is mainly meant to loosen up the grime on the external surface of the car before a wash. It makes washing the car quite easy and fast. Think of it as a pre-soak. It effectively reduces the wash time considerably while making the effort involved quite low as well. It also ensures that you do not have to wash the car multiple time to clean difficult and stubborn spots. This is great as you won’t have to spend most of your weekend trying to clean up your car. It is also quite safe and ensures that the life of the paintwork isn’t affected at all. As an added bonus, this product has a very nice fragrance as well (that goes for the entire range).

Cherry Bomb – Luxury Car Shampoo

A car shampoo might seem like the basic sort of product, but a good shampoo can go a long way in ensuring an effective wash. The cherry bomb is exactly what it sounds like. It is quite nice-spelling without being nauseating. More importantly, it cleans the car really well. This is important as it is going to be the product you use the most.

Sub Zero – Snow Foam

While the Cherry Bomb is a great shampoo, it still cannot penetrate some of the gaps and crevices of the car. That is where the Sub Zero – Snow Foam comes in. It can get into hard to reach spots with ease and clean these places well. This does two things. Your car will look clean even when observed from close quarters and it will stop dirt and grime from collecting in areas where it isn’t meant to. Using this foam is quite easy to. Spray the mixture over your car using a pressure washer and lance and the liquid will foam up and work into the desired areas. Wait a few minutes and just rinse it off.

Slick – Tyre and Trim Gel

This is another great component of the weekend warrior kit that is generally not part of most cleaning kits. Its primary objective is to restore the tyres walls and trim to a clean high gloss finish. Using this is pretty straightforward. After the car has been washed and it is dry, take some Slick on an applicator pad or cloth and apply on the desired surfaces. Wipe away any excess and you are done. Here is a photo of the results obtained using Slick.

Eliminator – Paint Cleansing Panel Wipe

It is a common issue faced by many car owners. When trying to apply wax to their car, they find that the wax does not stick properly to all panels. This is usually due to the presence of unwanted particles on the paint surface. This product helps remove all of them and prepares the paint surface to readily take on the wax. As a result, you will be able to apply a uniform layer of wax without any hassles and get that gloss you have been looking for.‏ It is the little things that really matter when it comes to car care and this covers one such aspect.‎

Clarity 2.0 – Window and Glass Cleaner

Among the parts of a car that can get dirty very easily and bring down the aesthetic appeal of the entire car by several notches, parts made of glass rank highly. Even a tiny blotch ‏or spot on the windscreen can stick out like a sore thumb. That is where Clarity 2.0 comes in. This quick evaporating cleaning agent is very effective when it comes to cleaning glass. It is quick and efficient, just what you need from a glass cleaner.

Sleek – Interior Cleaner and Dressing

The interior of a car is the polar opposite of the exterior and thus requires specialist products and Sleek is just that. The interior comprises of many types of materials and Sleek is equally adept at cleaning and protecting vinyl upholstery as it is at doing the same for metallic surfaces. Application is straightforward as all you have to do is spray this on to a microfiber cloth, use that to wipe and clean the interior, and then buff to the finish you desire. It also makes the car smell like a new car again which is always desirable.

Viper – Non-Acidic Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Alloy wheels really class up the looks of a car and if you want that classiness to stay throughout the operational life of the car then they need some care too. Viper provides this care by being an effective cleaning agent that is safe to use on the alloys, thanks to its non-acidic nature. It removes everything from general dust and grime to stubborn brake dust. You can dilute it up to 10:1 if your wheels are relatively clean. This dilution can be reduced to suit the cleaning strength you require. Usage is simple. Spray this stuff liberally on the wheels, wait a couple of minutes and rinse it off. It is safe for most alloy wheels but it is a good idea to first try this on an inconspicuous spot.

Reigning Iron – Wheel Fallout Remover

A little known issue is iron fallout but it can spoil the paintwork if it isn’t taken care of. Reigning iron does just that. Spray it on to the affected area, let all the iron dissolve into a purple solution and then rinse it off. It can be safely used on paintwork, wheels, metallic surfaces, and glass.

NEW!!! SI02 Ceramic Carnauba Wax – 50ml 

Choosing the right car wax can be a big headache due to the large number of choices that are available. This wax is a hybrid of T1 carnauba and microcrystalline base, with SI02 & polymer elements. It offers the ideal combination of high gloss and great protection. It is also easy to apply and buff to a nice shine if the surface of the car is prepared well using the other products in this kit. This is one of the most impressive car waxes I have used. Simple to apply and a great finish.

The Results

The pictures below speak more than words ever could. The car looks as good as new and such results are usually only possible when using professional services. The great thing is that all this was achieved with just a little more effort than it would take to wash the car and it would take just a small part of your weekend to get your car looking like new again. This Weekend Warrior Kit is a bargain at £39.99.

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