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My Favourite Bits Of Technology On Modern Cars

Modern cars have changed greatly over the last 10 years. Here are some of favourite features that we are starting to see on most modern cars nowadays.

Self Parking Cars

Parking is a pain for most drivers and is one of the activities we find most stressful. But for some time now cars have been able to take this responsibility away from us by parking themselves. I have tested this lots of times and it works really well, better than humans in a lot of cases.

Volvo S60 R-Design-46

LED Headlights – Super Bright Headlights

For some reason, I think I may be more sensitive to light than others. I find it important that cars have good quality headlights to light up the road at night. There are also lots of studies that have proved that better lit roads help reduce accidents. Now we are seeing even normal cars fitted with LED headlights which create a super bright blanket of white light on the road that can auto level and, depending on the system used, can bend around corners. Technology can make a big difference in the modern car and often we overlook simple details such as this.

Peugeot 308 Allure (9)

Adaptive Cruise Control

It is hardly new, but certainly something that I recognise and is a great implementation of technology. Adaptive cruise control has taken away some of the pains of long-distance journeys and is now commonly found available on a selection of cars all over the market. Once again, I’m sure it is very complicated, but it makes motorway driving a lot safer, ensuring you keep the correct distance from the car in front and automatically manages the gap for you. Tesla will be of the first to take this to the next level with their autopilot technology.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Outdoors (59)

Multiple Drive Modes

It wasn’t too long ago that you bought a car and it would just have one mode. But now lots of cars are coming out with multiple drive modes. Using the 2015 Honda Civic Type R as an example, you have a comfort mode for everyday driving and then an R+ mode when you really want to engage with the car. I love this stuff, it means that the car can adapt to how I feel as the driver and change its configuration to suit me.

2015 Honda Civic Type R Road 105

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  • Candice Says

    For me, my favourite is the high tech sound system. You can just connect your phone or mp3 via Bluetooth or wire. You’ll never struggle with cassette tapes or CDs anymore xD

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