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The Ferrari F14 T Unveiled

The F14 T is the 6th car built by Ferrari specifically to take part in the Formula 1 World Championship. The name comes from the combination of the current year and the introduction of the turbo-compressor in the power unit, F14 T… simple

Code Name

Code named 665 this design has been in the making for more than two years. With a raft of rule changes that commanded an early start to allow the ground up revision of every aspect of the car’s design.

By this time in the year the team driver line-ups for the new racing calendar have been agreed, contracts signed, and the venues have been confirmed. Now, we can sit back and enjoy looking at all the latest car designs.

Ferrari F14 T

Ferrari, in true Scuderia fashion, have sped ahead with the release of their new F14-T, unveiling the car to the world through images, spec details, and a company video.

The model has had some significant changes to it, including a lower chassis and nose to increase driver safety, a new rear wing to deal with incoming rule changes, a narrower front wing, new cooling systems, an improved braking system, and better power units.

The latest chassis on the car is constructed from carbon fibre, with a honeycomb composite structure.

It includes a Ferrari longitudinal gearbox, servo controlled hydraulic limited slip-differential, a semi-automatic sequential and electronically controlled gearbox with quick shift, as well as eight gears and reverse.

The total weight of the car, with driver, water, and lubricant included, is dead-on the 691kg limit that adheres with the new F1 rules.

Last Won Constructor’s Championship in 2008

Ferrari haven’t won an F1 constructor’s championship since 2008, when Raikkonen and Felipe Massa were behind the wheel. Maybe 2014 will once again be their year?

Under the iconic bright red exterior comes a 1600 cc, turbo V6 engine, with single turbo and six cylinders.

With the first race set to commence on March 16th in Australia, we can barely wait for the engines to start running!

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