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Ferrari Will Continue Using Smaller Engines and Big Turbos

Ferrari will be continuing down the route of using smaller engines and turbocharging them. With the company announcing that, as it stands, there isn’t a better set-up than turbocharged engines for combining performance with efficiency and consumption.

Smaller Engines and Big Turbos

Turbocharging and direct gasoline injection is the right way for performance without a payment in consumption. To get the same performance with naturally aspirated engines at the same consumption is difficult.

Ferrari CEO Amadeo Felisa

However, turbochargers are known for dulling the exhaust notes of supercars slightly, and when asked if turbocharging could dilute the insane Ferrari exhaust notes we’ve become accustomed to, Felisa simply said, “Wait and see”. Which hopefully means that Ferrari’s may be making some new and exciting sounds in the near future.

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  • Dave Says

    We have become so accustomed to the beautiful notes that super cars make, those are the things that make these cars what they are today…loved by many and when they start making noise they just turns heads and have people making noise…..

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