Fisker Ronin Concept EV Sports Car GT

Fisker Unveils A Techy, All-Electric Grand Tourer

Fisker is certainly an interesting auto brand, that’s for sure. They broke new ground back in the days of the Karma, one of the prettiest eco-friendly cars out there. Although, that particular venture didn’t turn out well, forcing Fisker to practically disappear overnight. Recently, they’ve been reborn with not one, but two crossover SUVs, the Ocean and the PEAR. Perhaps, a third vehicle won’t hurt, eh?

Project Ronin would be just that, the brand’s third-time’s-a-charm moment (not counting the earlier Karma). And maybe, it’s just what they needed to show the world that Fisker still has that pizzazz to make handsome cars. This time, however, the Ronin will be more Karma-ish than their current line-up. Rather than a boxy SUV, the Ronin will be a techy, ultra-lux, and innovative EV grand tourer.

The Next-Generation Of EVs?

It’ll surely be pretty innovative, given what it’s packing. For starters, the Ronin will feature a battery pack that’s integrated into the chassis. This has been talked about before, but never yet put into any production vehicle. Furthermore, the Ronin will be powered by an as-of-yet unknown powertrain, but you can definitely expect something fast. At the end of the day, it’s primed to be a world-class GT.

This means ample space for at least 4 adults and their luggage, as well as a serene and comfy ride. It would soon come with active aero and unique doors (whatever that might be) to allow you to get in and out a bit easier. Fisker hopes to unveil the Ronin come August 2023. On top of that, with a very ambitious goal of getting it into production in H2 of 2024. So, better mark your calendars, then.

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