Genesis GV60 Face Connect – A First-Hand Experience with Face Connect Technology

I recently got to test the face recognition technology in the 2023 Genesis GV60 called ‘Face Connect’. Having already made a name for itself in the realm of electric cars, Genesis has now given us another reason to eagerly await its latest model. Their newest innovation promises to redefine our understanding of vehicle entry and engine start systems, replacing conventional methods with cutting-edge biometrics. Now, it was time for me to test it firsthand.

The Concept: Biometric Vehicle Entry and Engine Start

This face recognition technology enables owners to gain access to their vehicles without the need for a traditional key. Instead, the car recognises the driver’s face to unlock the doors and authenticates the user via fingerprint to initiate the engine. This cutting-edge technology aims to deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience, pushing the boundaries of user convenience. But how does it stack up in reality?

Genesis Face Connect: The First Experience

Upon my arrival at the Genesis media test, the 2023 Genesis GV60 took the main focus, its sleek silhouette radiating a futuristic charm. After a brief induction on the new face recognition technology, I was prepared to engage with the GV60. A face recognition sensor embedded in the B-pillar scanned my face as I neared the vehicle. An LED indicator light on the same B-pillar relayed the car’s status, turning green as it unlocked itself upon recognising my face – it felt like something straight out of a science fiction novel. But did exactly what you would expect. It was impressive.

The Authentication: Fingerprint Recognition

Once inside, the GV60 required another layer of security – a fingerprint authentication, intuitively located on the centre console. This added security ensures that only verified drivers can start the car, reducing potential security risks. Testing it out, a touch on the fingerprint scanner, was similar to what you use on your phone, the car was ready, then one push on the start button and the car was good to go.

Keyless and Carefree

I felt a wave of liberation realising the freedom this technology provides, relieving the worry of carrying keys and potentially losing them. This is very useful for outdoor watersports etc, when you don’t want to take your car key with you. However, I can appreciate not all drivers will like not having a physical key with them.

The Digital Key: An Extension of Biometric Convenience

Genesis also has a Digital Key 2.0, granting control of the GV60 through a smartphone or smartwatch. This feature amplifies the convenience factor, enabling functions such as remote unlocking or sharing the key access with up to four people simultaneously, further emphasising the GV60’s dedication to convenience and integrated technology.

The Verdict: The Future of Car Security

The experience was not only secure but also incredibly convenient and intuitive, showcasing the potential of this revolutionary technology to reshape the future of car security.

Genesis has indeed made a considerable stride forward with the introduction of face recognition technology, setting a new standard for future models and rival brands. The GV60 demonstrates that integrating this technology into our daily life is not only feasible but extremely advantageous.

The Genesis GV60 is more than a technologically advanced vehicle; it signifies the future of driving, where convenience, security, and personalised settings like seat, steering and HUD positioning are seamlessly integrated, all standard in its specification.

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