Introducing the Silence S04 Nano Car: The Future of Urban Mobility

In an era where urban congestion, air quality, and environmental consciousness are at the forefront of consumers’ minds, the arrival of the Silence S04 nano car marks a significant leap towards sustainable urban transport. Designed by the Barcelona-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Silence, under the umbrella of ACCIONA, the S04 is a testament to innovative engineering and a vision for a greener future.

Designed for the 21st Century Urban Environment

The S04 nano car, a compact, all-electric vehicle, is a response to the growing demand for efficient, zero-emission urban transport solutions. With cities facing increasing challenges related to congestion and pollution, the S04 emerges as a practical solution, offering a clean, cost-effective mode of transport ideal for navigating the bustling streets of urban centers.

Compact Design Meets Comfort

Despite its small footprint (l=2.28m, w=1.29m, h=1.57m), the S04 makes no compromises on comfort. It comfortably accommodates two adults, offering 247 litres of boot capacity – a remarkable achievement for a vehicle in the L7e quadricycle category. The car is equipped with modern conveniences such as a TFT 7” digital screen, multifunction steering wheel, smartphone support, and air conditioning, setting a new standard for what drivers can expect from a compact urban vehicle.

Agility and Dynamic Performance

The S04’s design ensures it is as fun to drive as it is efficient. Its ‘wheel in each corner’ layout, combined with a low center of gravity, allows for a highly maneuverable and dynamic driving experience. This makes the S04 equally adept at navigating tight city streets and open roads, with a turning circle of just 3.5 meters.

Innovative Battery System for Easy Charging

One of the S04’s standout features is its patented removable easy charging battery system. The vehicle houses 2 x 5.6kWh lithium-Ion batteries, facilitating on or off-board charging via any 240v socket. This system underscores Silence’s commitment to convenience and sustainability, offering a cold-weather performance boost and a comprehensive 3-year warranty on the batteries.

Leading the Way in Performance

With a top speed of 52 mph and a range of 92 miles, the S04 sets the benchmark for performance in its category. It features dual 7 kW motors integrated into the rear wheels, with three driving modes to optimize battery use and driving dynamics according to different road conditions.

Smart, Connected Technology

The S04 is equipped with smart connected technology, accessible via the My SILENCE App. This app offers features such as vehicle tracking, keyless access, and battery charge monitoring, enhancing the overall user experience and offering peace of mind to the owner.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

Silence stands behind the S04 with a robust warranty package, including a 2-year vehicle warranty and a 3-year battery warranty. Additionally, owners will benefit from AA roadside assistance, ensuring that support is always at hand when needed.

Accessible Electric Mobility

Priced from £15,995 OTR, the S04 is an accessible option for individuals looking to transition to all-electric transportation. This competitive pricing, combined with the vehicle’s low operational costs, makes the S04 an attractive proposition for a wide range of buyers.

Availability and Launch

The first UK deliveries of the S04 are scheduled for February 2024, with the first batch of vehicles already en route from Barcelona. Potential buyers can express their interest and reserve their vehicle by visiting the Silence UK website.

Silence’s mission to drive sustainable urban mobility forward is clearly embodied in the S04 nano car. With its blend of performance, convenience, and eco-friendly design, the S04 is set to become a familiar sight on city streets, leading the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for urban transport.

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