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Jaguar E-Type – A Rare Gem

It’s more and more rare these days that you manage to cast your eye over a Jaguar E-Type. But when you do spot one, you always stop and take a moment to enjoy just how good these cars still look.

Jaguar E-Type Demo Car

At SMMT Test Day this year NewsPress brought down their E-Type demo car to be tested by the media. For a lucky few they got to re-live the 1970’s dream of driving this impressive sports car around Milbrook proving ground. Sadly I didn’t get to take it for spin, but I was still very happy to see this demo car being taken out rather than being put on static display.

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E-Type Opinions

I’m yet to meet a person that doesn’t admire the E-Type Jag. Talking to journalists on the day that took the iconic car for a test drive they were still very impressed with the driving experience of the E-Type, and you could tell from the grin on their faces that they were over the moon to have to the opportunity to test out this rare gem.

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