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Jaguar Looks to Make a Return to Racing in Formula E

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Jaguar looks to set the racing industry alight with its Jaguar Formula E racing car complete with its own race team in the FIA Formula E championship.

The inclusion in the championship will allow Jaguar to craft its electric drivetrain technologies, as well as focusing on its battery technology. In order to ensure that the Formula E racing car can withstand punishing race conditions, Jaguar will create a partnership with Williams Advance Engineering, which has assisted Jaguar in the past with its CX75 hybrid car.

Jaguar Electric Vehicles

Nick Rogers, the group engineering director for Jaguar Land Rover advised that electric vehicles will be at the forefront of Jaguar Land Rover’s portfolio moving forward. He also stated that being included in the FIA Formula E championship will allow for Jaguar Land Rover to further develop its technology while being subjected to extreme conditions.

The addition of a new team into the championship is undoubtedly a welcome one, seeing as it was recently announced that that the Trulli Formula E team is leaving the championship as it failed to take part in the first races of the season.

New Motors and Gearboxes

The first year of Formula E saw all drivers confirmed to using a Spark-Renault SRT_01 electric race car, but this season allows teams to use their own transmissions and motors. This means that a number of companies are now able to look at how their technology performs on the track and see how these features could further benefit drivers of their road car series.

Jaguar Formula E 2

It could also prove to be interesting as it would mean that all companies involved would be keen to ensure that the technology being used is the best it can be. Not only does this encourage healthy competition among car manufacturers, but it could also provide some interesting and entertaining performances on the track.

It was recently announced that two manufacturers would be joining the other teams at the start of the new season. While Jaguar is one of them, it is thought that the other manufacturer will be one that is already heavily involved with the series. For example, a manufacturer such as Audi could effectively take over the team it is already working with.

Driverless Car Racing Series to Come

There’s not only Jaguar’s inclusion to be excited about in relation to Formula E, as it will also offer fans an undercard series. It was announced recently that the all-electric racing series has joined forces with Kinetik to offer a driverless car racing series.

The series will be known as ‘Roborace’ and its races will take place before each scheduled Formula E event. Whereas manufacturers in next season’s Formula E are allowed to provide their own technology, each driverless car will be the same as the next.

This means that teams will be spending less time under the hood, and focusing more on the artificial intelligence and algorithms. The model of the series is based on how the Formula E series used to provide a standard electric car to each team, so time was invested in battery technology.

Formula E will do a lot to promote just how powerful an electric car can be, while providing an opportunity for technology to be advanced at a quicker rate. This means that the benefits will be passed onto the road user, who will be safe in the knowledge that the technology has been tested in the harshest of conditions.

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