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James Bond Spectre Shows off Villain Cars

We have all heard about the making of the latest James Bond film, Spectre.  Jaguar and Land Rover are set to take the motoring lime light by supplying the vehicles for the film.

James Bond Spectre the Movie Cars

Recently it has been announced that the cars that will feature will include the Jaguar C-X75S, Land Rover Defender Big Foot and Range Rover Sport SVR. Jaguar like to use the motto “it’s good to be bad” which works pretty well when you have the villains driving around in a Jaguar C-X75S. Am I jealous or what?

In typical James Bond style you can see from the above picture that it doesn’t take long before you find the Defender Big Foot, with 37 inch tyres, on its roof.

Jaguar C-X75S

More importantly the Jaguar C-X75S will be villian’s car. We don’t know too much about the film at the moment, but can tell you about the car. The C-X75 was built in collaboration with the Williams F1 team. The creation of the C-X75 is the British competitor to the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 hypercars, however the Jaguar will sadly never reach production.

The C-X75 concept produces around 900bhp using both petrol engines and electric motors.

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  • Jane Says

    Dang that is a sweet Jaguar! Good to see Hollywood embracing the brand motto “It’s good to be bad”. Can’t wait to see it in action when the film releases.

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