Kia Soul 2017 Price

The Kia Soul Exclaim Comes With A Turbo And Dual Clutch

The Kia Soul is one of those really interestingly styled cars such as the Citroen Cactus and in car communities this has caused a very love and hate relationship with regards to how it looks. Although, the one thing that we can all agree about the Kia Soul is that it was slow. Not anymore! Cue the release of the release of the punchy Kia Soul Exclaim.

More Turbo Power

The new 1.6 litre turbo engine creates 201 hp and is able to return 28 mpg. That new engine is paired with a seven speed dual clutch gearbox. Meaning that this Kia may be finally able to excite your soul!

Kia Soul Exclaim Special

There are lots of other touches to the special Soul Exclaim trim including exclusive 18 inch wheels, red accents on the bodywork, a chrome grille surround, and dual chrome exhausts and, of course, a Soul badge on the tailgate. Taking a look inside the car there is a flattish bottomed steering wheel, Apple CarPlay, and a push start button. If this isn’t quite doing it for you then there are additional options: a Harman Kardon premium sound system and 8 inch touchscreen.


Kia are yet to release the pricing on this car. However, I am surprisingly intrigued by the improvements to the car, whether or not they have been asked for by the market I don’t know. Hopefully we will be able to test this car in the future and tell you even more about it.

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