Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam Review

Among the most common mistakes that some folks make is getting just a single, forward-facing dash cam, and be done with it. In truth, while being able to reliably record what’s ahead is important… It’s just as crucial to have a recording of what’s going on behind you. What if you’ve been rear-ended, or if there’s a hit and run back there? In that case, why not get two dash cams, like the Kingslim D4?

Rather than using two separate dashcams, which can be annoying to fumble around with, the D4 is a complete kit with two cameras in the box. The main camera (and a screen for you to interact with) is fitted to the front windshield. Meanwhile, there’s a secondary camera unit (just a single, slim webcam-like assembly) that you can mount in the rear. The latter camera isn’t a wireless unit.

Therefore, you’ll have to route the charging and data cable all the way from the back of your car. And, find an elegant way of tucking in the wires, before leading it back to the main dashcam module in the front. Installing it, therefore, could be a bit challenging. But, once it’s up and running, you’ll surely be more than just a bit impressed with the video quality. As well as, the numerous functions that it can offer.

Regarding the hardware, the Kingslim D4’s main, forward-facing dashcam has a 4K-capable camera. It can record at a crisp 2160p at 25fps (or, you could drop it down to 1440p at 30fps if you need to). On the other hand, the rear camera unit is able to record at 1080p at 25fps. Also, both of them have pretty wide viewing angles (170 degrees front, and 150 degrees rear), ensuring minimal blind spots.

More Than Just A Simple Dashcam

Unsurprisingly, the quality of the video feed and recording is equally super-sharp. So much so, that you’ll have little trouble discerning road signs, license plates, or facial features of other drivers. And, the Kingslim D4 works just as well in the dark, too. This is thanks to its rather large 1.8 aperture lens as well as the high-tech Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor. Thus, low-light recording is rather impressive.

It even comes with a night vision feature, for even better night-time visibility. When it comes to interacting with the Kingslim D4, you could make do with its tiny 3-inch touchscreen display. Ideally, though, you’ll want to download the Kingslim app and connect it via Wi-Fi. From there, you can play back and download any recordings from the device. Or, set up and configure the dashcam straight from your phone.

Besides recording videos, the Kingslim D4 is more than just a simple camera. There’s a built-in GPS, which can record your routes and speed. And, embed those details within the videos… It’s the little details and titbits of information that really helps if you’re trying to lodge a police report or file for insurance. For all-around protection, you could also set it to record in a continuous video loop.

When an accident does occur, it might also lock and keep notes of the important bit of footage that you’ll want to keep, too. Alas, an SD card isn’t included, though the Kingslim D4 could support up to 256GB cards. For $140 (about £126, as of writing), it’s a great price given that you get two very high-quality cameras in the box. And as an all-around package, it does everything you need, and more!

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