Land Rover Experience East of England 6

Land Rover Experience East Of England In Pictures

I got to test out the Range Rover Sport at a Land Rover Experience in East of England. Here is how the day went.

We Arrived at Land Rover Experience East of England

Land Rover Experience East of England

Picked up the Keys to the Range Rover Sport and off we Went

From the Very Start Following the Range Rover Sport Impressed

We took on huge inclines and the Range Rover Sport similarly laughed at the hill and went straight over them, no problem at all.

Mud And Ruts Are No Problem, Even With Road Tyres

You can see the Range Rover was running normal road tyres as if it just rolled straight off the production line and into a field. It worked really well on these tyres and I’m sure would be unstoppable with mud tyres on.

Land Rover Experience East of England

We Could Monitor the Car’s Progress Over the Terrain via the Central Screen

As you most likely know the car is filled with clever gadgets and you can monitor what is going on with the car at any one point.

We Took the car Down a Huge ski Slope mud Hill – no Problem

This pictures does the hill no justice, it was very tall and felt very steep. The Range gently descended down the hill all with no feet on the pedals.

The Party Piece was Rocking the Car Over Most Extreme Muddy Surface

This was one of the most impressive bits of terrain we took the car over. You can see just how extreme the surface is by the fact that the car is on 3 wheels for most of the time travelling over it. But it simply continues to just move forward!

Shall we put it Through the Lake?

Would I put my own £80,000 Range Rover through a muddy lake? Maybe not, but when we were allowed to put the test car through I thought, why not? The car was submerged in around 3 foot of water and it went straight through, no problem at all, incredible!

Video Experience

Take a look at some video of the car in action here. Of course whilst off-roading we travelled very slowly so the video is played at 4 times the speed, enjoy!


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