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Living With The Suzuki Vitara S

I spent one week testing out the Suzuki Vitara S, and after getting to know the car, here are some of my favourite things about it.

Great Styling

The Suzuki Vitara S is quite a crafty-looking modern SUV. Suzuki use vibrant colours and bold design characteristics to help the car stand out from its competitors – this car in particular looks very stylish with black wheels, tinted windows, and a plastic skirt surrounding the entire lower edge. It looks ready to take on the town or the mountains – and either will do.

The front of the car is also really stylish, and includes a 3-D printed front Suzuki badge to hide the radar equipment used for the adaptive cruise control. Very clever!

Additional Red Trim

The interior of the Suzuki is fine, although it is built at a price – there are some nice touches, however, to give the car a slightly sportier feel. Here you’ll notice the car on test had red interior inserts to match the external body colour.

If you look closely enough at the headlight cluster on the outside of the car, you’ll notice red-coloured trim pieces inserted into the headlamps: a simple touch which makes all the difference. On an additional note, I do really like this headlight design – take a look at the image below to get an idea of how they’re crafted.

Perfect Interior for the Price

Bearing in mind the Suzuki is a very affordable car, the interior shows quality and good workmanship. Suzuki have spent money in the right places – the steering wheel and gearstick stand out as particular examples. The remainder of the interior is well-designed, well placed out, and very practical. The infotainment system works fine, with a nice graphical user interface – it has everything you need. It, of course, isn’t the most advanced system around, but it adds a little something to the quirky interior. There’s not much to dislike about this car.

Incredible Engine Performance

The BoosterJet engine in the Vitara S is probably my favourite thing of all. I was incredibly shocked that this 140 PS engine actually makes the Vitara S a very capable and fun car to drive. The amount of power and how well it worked with the gearbox and car weight was also a pleasant surprise. The car certainly feels energetic and is highly capable of moving at a good pace.

Fun Behind The Wheel

The Suzuki Vitara S provides a very fun driving experience – as mentioned above, the power delivery is fantastic for the car’s size and weight, but it’s the feeling you get behind the wheel that really matters – a nimble and endearing experience. The steering is relatively light, making for a comfortable drive on a daily basis. It’s also fine for the open road – you can enjoy the bends ahead with ease. You rarely get an SUV that feels as light and as fun to drive as the Vitara S does – I really like what Suzuki have done with it.

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