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Living With The Transcend DrivePro 520

This month I have been testing out the all-singing, all-dancing Transcend DrivePro 520 dash cam. The dashcam will capture both what is going on outside the vehicle and what is going on inside at the same time. No matter how unlucky you might be on the road, the DrivePro 520 is certain to record any events that occur whilst driving, protecting you from incorrect claims.

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The Most Advanced DrivePro to Date

Looking at the DrivePro range you will see the 520 at the very top; it is the most premium and feature packed camera you can buy. It is compact at only 96.2 mm × 64.5 mm x 43.9 mm in size. The stand-out feature of this camera is the ability to record both forward facing and reverse. The reverse facing camera rotates on an 180 degree angle making it easy to be located in various places. The front camera records a crystal 1080P video resolution at 30 frames per second and the reverse camera records at 720P resolution, also at 30 frames per second.

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You Never Know What Will Happen On The Road

For most of my testing this month the weather has been extremely wet and watching the footage back just shows you how many other dangers there are on the road. You can see from the below footage there can be instant flash flooding on the roads or extreme decreased visibility caused by heavy rain. These will be keen factors in increasing the chance of an accident on the road. With a DrivePro 520 you will be able to prove everything that happened leading up to the accident.

It Is a Tech-Savvy Dash Cam

Getting into more details about the camera, it is wifi enabled meaning you can stream or download footage to your mobile phone for instant review or to easily pass on to police or insurance companies. But what is most impressive is that the camera also logs your GPS coordinates, date time and current speed. This provides all the information an insurance company will need at anytime.

The DrivePro 520 has an accelerometer inside that will automatically detect if the car is in an accident and will instantly protect the footage to avoid it being accidentally overwritten.

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Built For Full Protection

Most dash cams just focus on the road, but having the internal reverse camera ensures your passenger safety in some many other ways, this affordable device will give you piece of mind. If you are on the road as a profession, for example a taxi or minibus driver, then having the ability to record what is going on inside the driver’s cabin also has a huge benefit when letting strangers into your vehicle.

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In the Box

The DrivePro 520 comes with everything you need to be safe. You will get the DrivePro 520 camera, power adaptor, either adhesive or suction mount (depending on your purchase selection) and a 32gb high-speed microSDHC card. For more information visit Transcend’s website.

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